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Taking out the trash

Our local white trash house - the ones in the neighbourhood who have one family living upstairs, one downstairs, and one in the camper in the driveway - are clearly desperate for money. Not satisfied with three yard sales for three weeks in a row (you are only allowed two a year around here), today they have a garage sale but in their basement. It's the same junk week after week, and nobody is buying it because it's worthless. Most of it isn't even worth donating to a charity shop, yet here they are again today trying to flog white trash crap. This morning however, they've added a new twist because they weren't bringing down the neighbourhood enough already. Now they've got someone dressing a Spiderman suit sitting in their drive with a sign that entices people to have their photo taken with him for only a $1. And he's a miserably depressed Spiderman too. It's tragic.

That was exhausting.

This morning, two of my Dutch friends left for Vegas having spent three days with us. And what a three days it was. On saturday we did shopping for shopping for Levis, Nikes and anything American, followed by a half day at Bountiful's gun range. We did that because I wanted them to be able to do something so out of context for a European but so typical for America. On sunday we spent the morning flying an aircraft simulator followed by a wet afternoon shopping for even more Americana including Raybans and iPods. When the weather cleared up, we did the Kennecott copper mine. On monday we did The Big Road Trip which included Jordanelle reservoir, Wolf Creek, Deer Creek reservoir, Sundance resort and the Alpine Loop, and concluded with a trip up the tram at Snowbird. Photos will follow once they get back to Holland and send me a DVD. But first they have to survive Vegas and then Chicago.