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Stop B*sh from using nukes.

This Iran thing has to stop before its too late. Specifically, B*sh has to be stopped. If it were anyone else, it would be inconcievable that he would actually be considering using nuclear weapons. He's even comparing the Iranian PM to Hitler, which is funny because if any world leader is the second coming of the moustachioed one, it's B*sh. But to be seriously talking about using nukes to attack a country to prevent them from using nukes is just such a perverted manner of thinking that it proves he's insane. Apparently everyone's forgotten just what a fantastically successful job he did with Iraq, and now he's touting the exact same Blitzkrieg idea for Iran, only with nukes. The fact that he went on TV and specifically denied it is even worse - that means not only is he considering it, but he has the targets picked out and the first strike date "pencilled in". I don't know why everyone is so paranoid about Iran - they're at least 10 years from ha

And we're back.

So here we are back in the USA again, jetlagged and with a to-do list as long as my arm due to the basement demolition work which is going to begin on monday....

Unless you're Doctor Who...

... I can't recommend zipping backwards and forwards in time. Five days ago I was in Orlando. Four days ago, back at home in Utah. Today I'm in Congleton in the north of England. Tomorrow I'll be back in Utah. I'll see your tired and slow day with four doses of jetlag within a week of each other.