Showing posts from October 26, 2003
Dear God! Microsoft want a hostile takeover of Google. No. No.NO NOOOOOOOO! We need at least one thing that works! If MS get google, the internet will become polluted with Microsoft-sponsored shite all over the place!!!!! And the search engine won't work!
Alright! We've flicked the switch in Salt Lake City - it's winter now. Snow on the ground, snowing and zero degrees. Sweet.
I've discovered a new piece of technology called VPN which allows me to dailup the corporate network from my laptop here and see all the machines and files as if I was logged on to my PC at work. What's really neat is that I can remote-desktop to my actual PC and see what my webcam is seeing in the cube farm. Neat.
Suh-weet! Things are going amazingly here in Dallas. I finally got to fly the 737 sim full-up today, on motion with all the sounds and cues. What's even better is I was able to fly their new HUD system for low-vis landings. It was amazing seeing all the information projected into the HUD in front as I was flying down the approach path to DFW.
Iraqnam is escalating badly. Four synchronised car bomb attacks in Baghdad today killed dozens and injured over 200. This comes after a rocket attack on an American-occupied hotel. And it also comes a day after Rumsfeld admitted that the Americans weren't prepared for this level of resistance against their occupation. Erm. Duh? Bush is getting the Vietnam-substitute war he wanted.
Back in SLC temporarily - back to Dallas tonight. D'oh! VH1 are having an 80's Strikes Back marathon on TV today - every year from 1980 to 1989, as a sequel to I Love The 80s. Sweeeet. Played in There for about 5 hours last night. Yawn. Got up late :) Well. The hour went back .... Oh and I discovered an ace live set from the Heineken Sundance festival in Eilat. I'm downloading as I type - on my DSL line *grin*