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5 weeks until we move to the new house. It's getting exciting! We've also become snowed under with INS paperwork for our permanent residency. I think I've got to have "the" examination :-( Fortunately I do have copies of my medical history for all my jabs so I can at least tell them what I am and am not immune to ...
Sheeyit . We just found out that Thales, one of our simulator manufacturers got their first new product from us today. Apparently they plugged it in to their old host and simulator systems and it worked perfectly, first time. Damn! For 18 months we've been slaving to try to ensure 100% backward compatibility and the fuckin' thing works! Perfectly! First time! I guess the site engineers will be pleased and pissed off at the same time. Less hassle in the swapover, but it means less jolly time out of the country :-)
Funnyyy...... . Someone sent me these in email today. Made I larff..
Just been for lunch at the Point - the cafeteria on top of the Hunstman cancer research place. Excellent view, excellent food. Well recommended, but a bitch to park because of all the construction on Trax :-)
Tom Ridge is a character isn't he? "Don't panic everyone - don't panic. But buy duct tape and plastic sheeting." What a fab recommendation. In other news - hats off to Ken Livingston. I underestimated him. The £5-a-day tax for driving into London isn't to raise cash. It's the £80-a-day fine for not paying that raises the cash. 10,000 fines were handed out on monday. In one go, Red Ken found a way to add £800,000 per day to his budget. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Round that up, add it to the actual fee, and it adds another £212,050,000 per year to London's budget. In straight tax from the motorist. £2.12billion more! Amazing.
Yeah! The Trance Energy 2003 rips have appeared on WinMX. 22,000 fans turned up at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on saturday for the first big live event of the year in Holland. I'm downloading all but one of the live sets - still trying to find DJ Jean.
This is pretty amazing. A girl doing a school project sent a chain email out to track how far and how quick it would spread on the internet. She's getting an email ever 2.3 seconds now. I Can't find her site but apparently they're putting up a database of all the responses, from as far as the north pole, the south pole and many navy ships in between. Here's her original message: Hi: I am Shannon Syfrett a 9th grade student at Central Academy (Mississippi). I am working on a project for my 2003 Science Fair to be held February 25th, 2003. I am trying to see where, and how fast e-mail can travel in a period of six weeks. I am keeping track of how many e-mails I get back, and what cities, states, and countries they are coming from. I am hoping that you will be willing to help me with my project! There are only 2 simple steps that will help me to track this email: 1. Please send an e-mail to the following address: In the subject of the e-
If you're in the mood for some chillout music, I can recommend Lotus Lounge vol.2. It's hard to get hold of now but Amazon still have it. It's kinda trippy, trancey, white-room kinda stuff. Neat.
Bill Gates must be in league with the Devil. Go ahead and prove me wrong. After all, why the hell else would we put up with all the shit he deals out into the world? And let's not mince words here - it is shit. Utter crap. Only tonight, my PC decided (whilst not connected to the 'net) that the perfect time to connect and update Windoze would be when I'd not asked it to, but was busy burning a CD and printing a label. Fortunately, due to the massive crash that followed, Winblows never got as far as the 'net. (thank Christ I pulled the phone line in time - I hate to think what happens when Windo$e connects on its own!). It only took me about 30 minutes to get my machine to boot again, and recognise the printer and CD burner again. Cheers 'Gates you old c*nt - that's another 30 minutes of my life you've stolen. It's not big, and it's not clever. There's not a single user out there that doesn't want to see your company toppled from it's lo
Does anyone fall for these fake windows popups that are all the rage on the 'net right now? "Stop! You're broadcasting sensitive personal information right now!!!!!" No you're not. And if you're fool enough to click through one of these popups, you deserve the porn storm that you get.....
Woohoo . My tax refund arrived today :)
The London "congestion" charging scheme came into play today (read: tax-for-the-sake-of-tax tax). Strangely, the traffic levels fell by 25% in the charging area, but gridlocked the surrounding area. I wonder why? $8 a day (£5 ) is a frickin joke. It will be worse when it goes to the full £10 a day next year!
So we went to see Daredevil last night. Great film - won't set the movie world on fire and bound to receive nothing but shite press, because it's shallow, and so doesn't deserve to be a "film" in the critics eyes. Bne Affleck isn't really Daredevil though. Jennifer Garner pulls off the female assassin very well, but Ben looks like catwoman with a Revlon makeover. Too much red leather. In other news, a Dutch Apache gunship pilot in training caught the Columbia disintegration through his gunsite camera. Those things have heat-source tracking so he was able to lock-on to the fireballs and track them all the way to the ground. He got such a good zoom on one section that you can see the mass of the shuttle tumbling end-over-end shedding parts into the sky, on fire. Scary.