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Musica Maestro!

Artist(e)s , title, year. First one is the beginning of one track. Second one comes from part way through another ...

Nice headline. The facts are an inconvenient truth though.

Headline : "Heavy rain in Britain due to global warming." Article: "The study does not prove that any one event, including the rain of the past few days in Britain, is climate-change related". Well - it is the Hindu Times... Story

Dicks in police uniforms.

Apparently we're having some sort of unadvertised pedestrian culling even today. The police have closed off most of foothill drive for what looks like 3 joggers. Why they can't jog on the sidewalk like everyone else is beyond me, but the dicks in uniform also closed all the roads going up into the research park, so nobody could turn right. Or left, coming the other way for that matter. In the end, a group of us took the matter into our own hands and just ignored them and went around the back of them. It seems they don't understand that there are two roads in and out and if they close both of them, they're going to piss of a hell of a lot of people. Whatever this thing is it wasn't advertised, it's not been very well policed, it's disorganised and apparently it has no contestants. From where I'm sitting I can see part of the coned-off road and there's been nobody in it since I got in. There's a long line of pissed off drivers trying to get into t

You can't even bag for a supermarket?

Wow. Now I've seen it all. The guy who just bagged my shopping at Albertsons must have been borderline retarded or something. I think he might have escaped from some local mental institution. I mean when you can't bag 30 items of shopping without using 25 plastic bags, you're essentially too stupid to be let out on your own recognizance, let alone to be allowed to interact with members of the public. When I got out to the car I consolidated my 30 items into 5 bags. It wasn't difficult. Well - I mean for me. Apparently it was way too difficult for the social reject on my checkout.

Pop Quiz - immigration requirements.

Taking into account all of history, which country required the following in order for a person to enter? Your racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, and data concerning your health and sex life. If your answer was "Nazi Germany", as obvious as that answer would seem, you'd sadly be wrong. You might have gone with North Korea. Or China maybe. Or Iran perhaps? All good guesses, but all wrong. The answer is America. Shit. Things don't look good for a white, male atheist, married with no political affiliation who just happens to think Bush is a total cock then do they? Full story.