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Wheeeeeee . Got to use the new snow blower for the first time this morning. It works great! Did our drive, our neighbour's drive, and the sidewalks on our side of the street. Cool.
Happy New Year. We're now replete with a snow blower, which of course has guaranteed no more snow this winter....
Or Maybe that much snow wasn't so funny after all. The power has just come on tonight after 4 days without. Yes, 4 DAYS without power. Hundreds of bucks of food ruined, hundreds of bucks spent on wood, firestarters, heaters, batteries etc. On the night of the 25th, it dumped. Really, really dumped. About 12 inches fell overnight and at 5:30am the power lines started to come down with the weight of snow and tree branches falling on them. We lost one limb off the maple tree in the back garden but fortunately it didn't break the power line. Throughout the day, another 12 inches of snow fell. We were constantly snow-blowing and shovelling just to keep the driveway clear. On the night of the 26th, it snowed another 12 inches (these are all the numbers in Sugarhouse - the benches and mountains got at least double these numbers). On the 27th, we shovelled and blew snow all day again. Snow walls started to appear alongside the driveway because of the heaps of snow we were dumpi