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George's thought for New Year.


What's wrong with people?

I swear people are so stupid, so arrogant, so inconsiderate these days it's getting depressing. For example we were in Barnes & Noble today at the overpriced coffee stand, and these two women at the table next to us got up, having made a complete mess, and left a huge pile of books on the table, and just walked off. What the hell? Are they so inconsiderate that they won't put the books back? They'll walk around the store and pick them all up, but then after having their cup of overpriced coffee they'll walk off an leave them for someone else to clear up. What happened to common decency? Too much trouble to drag their lazy asses back to the proper shelves I suppose. Then at Albertsons - not one but two women drifted into the gigantic painted yellow "NO PARKING" area, and parked, got out and walked into the store. Apparently so stupid they can't read, or so inconsiderate of everyone else that they would prefer to park where they want no matter how muc

Christmas is over - time for Valentine's day.

So Christmas is over and ShopKo and Albertsons have their Valentine's day displays up today, with cards, gifts, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and everything. It's not even frickin 2006 yet! Give me a break! I wonder if the Easter merchandising will start on February 15th ?