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IE7 : As crappy as ever.

Bugger! I let windows update run last night and it installed bloody IE7 on my laptop. 3 hours later, I find I've got three trojans on my laptop too. Bloody IE7 is as full of security holes as IE has always been. There's even a news story about it this morning - it's already the subject of a security alert and the target of spyware. It's mind-boggling to me that Firefox has been out for so long and has so few problems, yet every time Microsoft bring something out, it's a security nightmare. I can't imagine where we'd be as a company if we operated on the same principles as microsoft, ie. rush everything to market full of holes then issue patches for it from now until eternity. That's not how you do business.

Lovely, rainy Seattle.

Here I am, back in the hotel at the beginning of a critical week for the company. I'm in rainy Seattle, and boy is there a lot of moss here. It's very wet and very green. The hotel is sort of cool - it's a Residence Inn. I've stayed in these before but never had one of these cool top-floor double-level rooms before. Downstairs is sort of a large living room and upstairs is an open-layout bedroom where you can look over the half-wall and down into the lower area. It's neat. Things went well at Boeing today - really well. The rest of the week will be exciting if it all goes as well as today did. If not, we'll all be bending over and sharing the vaseline.