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Bit late with this one, but at long last, BMW have officially announced and shown the replacement for the R1150GS. the R1200GS comes out in March. Hubba, hubba.
And with the increasing evidence that Bush took America to war on a lie, this from the AP wires today: (actualy headline) "Intelligence Probe Would Be Risky for Bush" TERENCE HUNT Associated Press WASHINGTON - A full-blown investigation of Iraq intelligence failures would pose election-year risks for President Bush. No one could be certain where it would lead, who it would touch or what it would uncover. Interesting phrasing in the headline don't you think?
Under the heading of "obvious" comes this little gem. Senior American officials concluded at the beginning of last May that there were no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq. (according to the Observer). Intelligence sources, policy makers and weapons inspectors familiar with the details of the hunt for WMD told The Observer it was widely known that Iraq had no WMD within three weeks of Baghdad falling, despite the assertions of senior Bush administration figures and the Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Great. So with that fact established, that opens the door for Bush to be impeached and Blair to be removed then.....? (please, oh pleassssssse...)