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Four and twenty days ago...

Title and artist please. From 1986, a little challenge for my Dutch friend in Italy.... ♫♫♫ Close to you I'm hypnotised Baby turn your key in my door Drowning in a sea of love Wash away the heartaches I wore Never let me down Never let me go Baby now I go Baby now I'm sure Who could ask for more...... ♫♫♫ Plus a bonus. For those not intimately familiar with Italo, an audio quiz. Title, band, year please, and this is an easy one cos' the clip is quite long: (you'll need flash installed)


We watched 'Blink' - an episode of the new Doctor Who - a couple of nights ago, and I'm still thinking about it. It was without a doubt the best episode of a science fiction TV series I've ever seen. It dealt with the vagaries of time travel in an equisitely blunt fashion rather than trying to spoon feed it to you. The story was excellent as were the villains - the weeping angels. They managed to ratchet up the creepiness factor to a full on 10 for these guys. I wouldn't be surprised to find people in England going around treating stone angels and gargoyles with more than a hint of suspicion for the next couple of weeks. Oh - and when they go looking for a new companion, unless they can rescue Rose from the alternate universe (oh please - bring her back), they should go with the Sally Sparrow character. She would make a perfect Doctor Who companion.

America invents another word.

This is the first time I've heard this : Juneteenth. Apparently people are now just too lazy to say "June 19th" so it's become Juneteenth. Along with people saying "acrossed" instead of "across" and "heighth" (which I can't even begin to pronounce) instead of "height" it's becoming more and more common for Americans to bastardise English into a new language. I guess that's what Microsoft means when they say "American English". American English: "The heighth of the building acrossed the road is sickty feet." Actual English: "The height of the building across the road is sixty feet."

Cellphone spam - got it fixed.

I received an SMS on my phone today and thinking it would be from Ray & Marie with news about the baby, I opened it. Turns out it was spam offering me free software, a huge penis or nigerian cash - can't remember which. Given that I have to pay for incoming SMS messages (when will the US service providers learn?) I figured I'd better nip this in the bud before it became a problem. The problem is that you can email a t-mobile phone by using the number and a unique email address on the t-mobile servers. Spammers can simply set their systems to generate random phone numbers and off they go. Fortunately, with t-mobile, I discovered I was able to set up an alias for my phone and then block anything not sent to that alias. In other words, anyone trying to spam myphonenumber@tmobiles-email-server will get nowhere, and I won't end up paying 15¢ for offers of huge appendages.

+1 to the Boeing marketing team

Very good job Boeing. The new 787 rollout is on July 8th this year. In American date format - 7-8-7 Bravo.