Employees don't want much

I'm sitting looking at my company's internal 'learning' system this morning - hundreds of online courses that are available to all employees, some of which we're mandated to take. I'm not sure why the rest of them exist. We certainly don't have time to do any of the courses, and for the average employee, they hold no relevance to what we do, or want to do in our day-to-day jobs. I for one just want to be assigned tasks, and then be left alone. I don't need to do hazardous material training - my job doesn't involve hazardous materials. I don't need micromanagement. I don't need all the various efficiency and ethics courses that are available because I have common sense. I don't need to be instructed how to use the email system, nor how 'just in time' manufacturing is good for the company (it has no bearing on our division). Ok I understand all of this is corporate C-Y-A but so many of these things are just inconsequential to us. On top of everything else, we get stuck in a management logic gap when doing training courses. We're told to only book time to programs when we're working on them, which is obvious. But then when we leave time entries blank because we spent an hour watching an online training course, we're told we can't leave the time entries blank. The logic gap then ensues : we can't charge to a program, there's no assigned code for training courses, and we can't leave timesheets blank. So we're happy to have hundreds, if not thousands of online training courses, but not one of them actually addresses how you're supposed to do the online courses.
It's a bit mental.


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