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However much I disagree with Bush, I watched him on TV last night and he does at least have conviction in his own arguments, and that comes out when he's in public. Not like Blair, who will change sides and alter his story at the merest hint of an awkward question. Or defer with "George says...". Meanwhile, I've been pricing airhockey tables for the rec' room. They start down in the low hundreds, and go all the way up to $4000 for full-on 8ft professional grade tables. I think we'll be purchasing somewhere in the middle ground :-)
The war with Iraq is scheduled to start on March 19th. A massive aerial bombing campaign will go on until March 21st then the ground troops will be sent in. Bush and Blair are planning to go it alone, despite anything that happens in the UN. Blair has even gone so far as to say he'll go to war even if Russia and France veto the new UN resolution. In other words, Blair and Bush are about to bring about the end of the UN. Nobody will take it seriously if there's a "no" vote and the two warmongering idiots still go to war. We're all going to get involved in a third world war because of a family spat in the Bush household. Way to go GWB - fab way to help the economy and win international friends.
The buildup of hostility increased in Korea today. GWB is sending 24 bombers and putting troops on alert for deployment to S.Korea now. The BBC website tells us that it's in direct response to the interception of a US spy plane this weekend, whilst CNN tell us that it's nothing to do with that "incident". I know who I'd believe.
AOL seem to have taken complete leave of their senses. Hot on the heels of "charging for music" comes "charging for instant messaging". Glad I use ICQ. Meanwhile, the "big secret" about the invasion date for Iraq is not so secret any more. America, it seems, is going to war on March 13th, or March 14th at the latest. That's the day of the next UN security council resolution, and GWB has said that they will go in as soon as they've got the nine votes they need.
This bastard cold is really hanging on. I'm sniffly again today.
Today I'm not sick enough to be at home, so back to work it is. We've cleared the INS medical so that hurdle is done with. Plus, BMW of North Salt Lake have 4 (yes, 4) R1150GS's in stock, used, all around 10 grand. The 2002 gunmetal grey one is v-e-r-y nice. V-e-r-y nice. Kerry is bidding on a VFR800 so he's going pro-bike. This ups the ante a lot - that itch is getting worse and I'm going to have to scratch it....