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Mum and dad are here

We met mum and dad at the airport this afternoon - they're here for three weeks now. Our cat was a lot better than last year when they got home. She went out, but she stayed close to the house, and as the evening drew on, she kept coming in and mooching around the kitchen. She's not dared come all the way into the lounge yet but I think she remembers mum and dad from last year so hopefully there'll be less hiding out under the neighbour's deck this year.

I'm back. Again.

I'm back at home after the Dallas trip. I volunteered to have my PC EVO'd last night and today was basically a wash - not a stitch of work got done, but I wasn't expecting to be able to do anything. When a stuffed shirt gives a presentation and says something like "nothing we do during the transition will prevent you from being able to do your job" you know you've basically lost a week of productivity :-) We got a phone call from mum and dad tonight - they've arrived safely in Vegas and will be here on Saturday. Our poor cat is likely to move out again like she did last year but I hope she comes in in the evenings to sleep with us. I hate the idea of her being outside when it's snowing, and this weekend's storm looks like it's shaping up to be a good one.

Ratcheting up the fear in England

Cheery news for the holidays from the UK government if you live in England : you're going to be attacked by terrorists. They've admitted there's at least 30 known terrorist plots to attack England this Christmas and they've also admitted they can't police or investigate all of them. Wow. I guess you'd all better pack up and leave then. Alternatively, grow some common sense and realise this is nothing but fearmongering from Tony Blah and his idiots. I mean come on. 30 plots? Get real. I doubt there's even one.

Pit stop!

I'm back at home, briefly. The Seattle trip was a huge success - we're still way ahead of our competition who are now all crying gently into their budget books. So here I am for the weekend, then I'm off to Dallas for two days tomorrow. Back on tuesday late at night, then a couple of days at work, my 9/80 friday off then mum and dad arrive on saturday. Nice.