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Tourist Trophy

Holy crossed-up wheelies. No wonder there's been nothing from the Gran Turismo stable for a while - they've been working on Tourist Trophy for the PS2. It's basically Gran Turismo 4 on bikes, and how. It has the same photo-save feature so I thought I'd grab a snap for the blog ...

As Level 42 once sang:

It's over... Teardown took two hours today. The two idiot hired labourers were there again until I don't know when. Our bit took two hours and we left them to it. To celebrate, we took off to Universal Citywalk for dinner and got a sweet table right on the outside corner of the balcony at Maragaritaville. We stayed there munching nachos, sipping beer and eating dinner, watching Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure haemmoraging people out of their gates below us. And then we came back to the hotel. I'm sorting out all my receipts, blogging and then calling it a night. Tomorrow, the long trek back home, where my suitcase will go missing. Again.

Trade show time.

Here I am in sweaty, muggy Orlando, working the WATS trade show. Minus luggage. American Airlines lost it for me. (That's not bad - the last 5 flights I've made, my luggage has not made it - American, Delta, Iberia, Delta, American) It's a bit different to the usual shows, what with the drinking and eating on the booth, the live music in the evening and so on. Setup was OK except we had the two bluntest tools in the drawer when it came to constructing the booth. The saga about the carpet took so damn long we didn't even get power on on sunday. Yesterday was frustrating because we were missing a piece of kit we needed. I scoured the local computer stores only to get sold the wrong item and have to take it back and find another one. Then we were missing something else which nobody has any of because everyone else at the show was also missing the same item and got to the shops first. Now I lie here, back aching, ribs complaining, feet sore, shoulders stiff, hunt-and-peck