Miserable bastard

Dec 9, 2004 | | 0 comments |

Some joyless fucktard just kicked our Santa over in the front garden and ripped out the support lines that hold him upright. I've just spent 20 minutes sewing new hooks and eyes on to him so we could re-anchor him to the ground.

Well what IS it supposed to do then?

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The US military are planning to test B*sh's national missile defense system this week. The $85 million test comes as the military is in final preparations to activate missile defenses designed to protect against an intercontinental ballistic missile attack from North Korea or elsewhere in eastern Asia. During the test, a target missile will be launched from Kodiak Island, Alaska, and an interceptor missile will fire from Kwajalein Island in the central Pacific Ocean. According to the stuffed shirts, "Because the launches will test several new aspects of the missile defense system, the interceptor actually shooting down the target is not a primary goal of the mission."


An interceptor missile who's primary goal is NOT to intercept an incoming missle.


While we were away.

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I'm a little late on the bandwagon, but apparently the government back in England are frantically putting in toll roads left right and centre because they've discovered how much quicker they can rape the motorist by using them. The propaganda on the M6 Toll Road site is quite blinding in it's simplistic, blinkered view. See for yourself.
I particularly like the bit about toll roads reducing traffic and journey times and thus reducing congestion in surrounding towns and villages. Clearly an idea penned by a non-driver. What do they think happens to the traffic that used to use the road? It hasn't evaporated, it's moved off into the local towns and villages, thus causing more congestion, more dangerous conditions and higher accident and fatality rates. Obviously nobody in their right mind is going to pay road tax AND road tolls, so the miracle reduction in traffic that they've experienced is because everyone's buggered off into the local streets instead.
This is mind-boggling to me, how the government, already making £38billion a year in existing taxes, can get away with introducing toll roads to take yet more money off the motorist and yet still put less than 4% of that money back into the transport infrastructure.

M6Toll reckon they average 50,311 vehicles per day. The average rate between cars, bikes and trucks, day and night works out at about £4.00 per vehicle. Motorbikes are cheaper, trucks are more expensive. That comes in at £201,244 per day or a staggering £73,454,060 a year more in pure profit to the government, or more probably, the private company set up to ringlead this wholesale rape of the motorist. It's not bad enough that every motorist is already paying an average £1600 just in taxes to use the roads (between insurance tax, road tax, petrol tax, tax on fines, fees and parking tickets), now they expect people to cough up even more money? Isn't the road tax supposed to be a tax for driving on the roads? Or is it just background noise tax now - not really paying for anything other than lining the government officials pockets with money? So now people pay a road tax, which counts for nothing, apparently. Then they have to pay tax again to use the roads they actually drive on. I...I....there's just no words to describe the brutal illegality and immorality of this scheme. And the truly truly sad thing is that people are actually paying it. Apathetic drivers are simply putting up with it. Don't you morons realise that you're paving the way for £1-per-mile road tolling? The government sees you sheep-like idiots paying to use this road and are rubbing their hands in glee, using it as an excuse to toll every road in the country. Don't pay it! Evade it any way possible! You've already paid through the nose to use the damn roads and now you're paying twice? Are you people completely and totally fucking stupid?

Lets put it like this - next time I'm back in England in a rental car, if I come across a toll road I'll be sailing through the electronic tag lane, with no tags of course (because it'll be a rental) and not paying. I'll have taken the numberplates off first though - obviously I don't want them to bill the rental company who will then bill me. God knows they bled me dry when I used to live there. I'm certainly not going to be forced to pay some "fark you in the butt" tax as a visitor.

Chilly weekend, chilly financial outlook. Unless you're in Texas.

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We went to see "National Treasure" this weekend. Top film - number 1 for the third week running. That's a good omen and could spell at least one sequel.
The weather is still mighty chilly - it still hasn't gone above zero yet. The snow is melting slowly though. Did some sale shopping this weekend. $6 for winter gloves, $4 each for T-shirts, $20 for winter boots. I love the sales :-)

Meanwhile, and I know I said I wouldn't blog about him again, but this is priceless.
El Busho is laying the groundwork for scrapping the federal deduction for state local taxes. "Coincidentally" this will affect the blue states more than the red states. And "coincidentally" the two states predicted to see virtually no effect from this? Texas and Florida. What a surprise. According to the BBC, when asked why this was happening, one congressional staffer said "This is very real. They need the money desperately. It's one of the only things they can attempt to do to finance tax reform."
Well if you hadn't wasted $148,727,162,000 on waging an unneccesary war in Iraq, you wouldn't need that money now would you?

So everything that Kerry said would happen if Bush stayed in, is starting to happen. Taxes are going up, perks are coming off, the rich are getting richer. I'm sure it will only be a matter of days now before the draft is re-instated.