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Our lawnmower was a pile. It only cost me 30 bucks and it's 14 years old. It was a YardMachines and it worked perfectly. I went to see if I could get a bag. It would cost me $75 for a bag, and $20 for shipping and handling. So I went to Home Depot. For $159, they had brand new YardMachines mowers. Hmm. Do I spend $95 and put a brand new bag on a 14 year old mower? Or do I buy a new one for $159 Seems like a no-brainer, so I bought a new one and it works perfectly. It bags, and/or mulches. Our bin is now full of grass :-)
Condescending Rice took the stand today for her turn at attempting to perform damage limitation in the 9/11 hearings. Same old rhetoric - lies, obfuscation, and the classic "I can't remember" line. But did we expect anything different? After all, she is El Busho's chief patsy. She wasn't likely to drop him in it, was she? Now everyone is curious about Clarke's August 6th memo. The public want it declassified so it can be included in the hearing. The whitehouse on the other hand are in the "over my dead body" camp. Meanwhile, CNN screened some great footage this morning of injured solidiers crawling out of an M1A1 tank that had been disabled by an RPG. Bloody arms, seeping head wounds and gashed legs. I'm sure the parents of those kids were overjoyed to see them being exploited by CNN like that. But perhaps we need more of that footage - perhaps when people see the faces and bodies associated with the ever-escalating US casualty numbers, th
Things are getting nasty again in Vietraq. The US are having their asses handed to them on a plate by the uprising in Fallujah and still they don't think it's time to pull out. Over 100,000 troops had their deployments extended today as the US denied that they were losing their grip. The occupation continues to make political error after political error, topped off today by dropping a 500 pound bomb on a mosque. At least there's some good news. Kerry has hired the organiser of to run his web campaign.
Travelling again. This time in Newport News, Virginia. Man is this a small airport. It has one jetway and two gates. No wonder they only fly regional jets in here - anything bigger would blow the airport away. :-) Went to see 'walking tall' tonight - the new film with the Rock. Pretty good. Big splosions. Lots of Rock-hitting-badguy action. Chewing gum for the eyes.