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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. I had an interesting conversation with a Mormon friend of mine a couple of weeks ago. He asked why I celebrated Christmas if I was an atheist. I told him that it was a Pagan festival and it wasn't my fault that Christianity and all its derivatives arbitrarily chose to move the birth date of their saviour to December 25th. He got quite upset about that. Remember the Bible disclaimer, folks, and have a fun holiday :-)

Grown women and underage boys

Specifically Justin bloody Bieber and "Edward" from the Twilight movies. I'm curious to know why society thinks it's OK, funny and endearing when grown women go crazy for these two despite them being 15 or 16 - news programs have light-hearted, joking discussions about Twilight Moms and how hot Bieber is. Yet if a grown man expresses so much as a passing nod to a 16 year old girl, they're instantly classified as perverts and a danger to society - the news programs discuss child rape, sex offender registrys and the downfall of society. "A 35 year old man was jailed today after passing a comment about how hot Emma Watson looked in the fifth Harry Potter movie. He's been jailed for being a menace to society. A police spokesman said it was in everyone's best interests to put these types away before they kidnap children and rape dogs. In other news, the second annual panty-less moms for Edward party kicks off at 6 tonight and we'll have exclusive cov

Snowy UK = closed

After last year's problems with the snow in England, you'd think they would have made some sort of contingency plan in case they had another hard winter. Apparently not. Heathrow invested £6m in snow-clearing equipment, yet this morning, with a fat 2 inches of snow on the ground, they've given up ploughing the runways and many of the planes are frozen into their gate parking areas. The airport director talked about giving up because there came a point where it didn't matter how much they ploughed, the snow kept piling up. I'm sorry but 2 inches isn't "piling up" - it's light snow. Well that's why you keep ploughing. Clear the runway, land a few aircraft whilst clearing the other runway, then swap. Any American airport that experiences snow could teach you that. Here in Salt Lake City, last year, we had a foot of snow on the ground in the valley at one point and the airport was working as normal, albeit with some delays. It certainly wasn't