It's been a long time

Mar 9, 2012 | | 2 comments |

Well it's been a while - most of my status updates and general thoughts and ramblings go to Facebook now but it seems like I should probably keep the blog going for the idle curiosity of anyone who reads it. In the weeks that have passed since the last post, things have continued to go from bad to worse where I work. The management have a firm grasp on the stick and have it pushed as far forward as possible so we continue to hurtle to our inevitable demise at great speed. Still I suppose when the messy end comes at least we'll have a process or procedure that explains how it happened.
I was totally robbed of winter this year. My favourite time of year and we barely had any snow - it's been unseasonably warm, sort of like it was when we had the Olympics here ten years ago. Skiing's been OK - the resorts finally have enough snow to ski on unlike the beginning of the season where it was like an episode of Wipeout. The flip side of that of course is that it's rapidly becoming motorcycling season, compared to last year's record winter where it wasn't even worth wheeling the bike out of the garage until May.
I did pass a pleasing milestone though - I finally paid off our remaining car loan so we have a clean title on the car now. We own it - not the bank. That's nice given the sketchy future of my job - one less debt to worry about.
Our local legislature here in Utah just finished it's 45-day hack-and-slash and left the state back in the dark ages when it comes to sex education. Teachers are now banned from talking about contraceptives, and cannot teach any sex ed other than abstinence. Parents can't opt their kids in for full sex ed either. Also, women are now forced to have a 72 hour "cooling off" period before being allowed to have an abortion. Given the predominant religion in this state and the corresponding size of families, a cynic would say all the above legislation is designed to "encourage" women to have as many kids as possible, starting as young as possible.
But hey - we did pass some important legislation to prevent the public from taking pictures of farm animals (I kid you not). So that's all good.