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Classic Armin

MMmmmmmm. N'ka n'ka n'ka n'ka. 6 years on, this is still a fantastic trance track. Armin tacked it on to the end of one his sets in the last couple of weeks. Elles de Graaf is the vocalist (that's her on the left) So name this tune and provide the chorus: ♫♫♫ Every face I see is cold as ice, Everything I touch is pale, Ever since I lost imagination. Like a stream that flows into the sea, I am lost for all eternity, Ever since you took your love away from me...... ♫♫♫

An invitation for a kicking.

Wow. That's all I can say. At lunch in Subway today a girl came in with her friends, clearly advertising something. A very low-cut halter-top with frankly the most photogenic breastesses I've seen on a Utah girl for a long time. You could feel every guy's eyes drawn to them as she walked in, and apparently she was a bit cold too. As much as all the blokes clearly wanted to say something, I think the fear of a good kicking was keeping us all quiet. Even the two most mormon of mormons who were at lunch with me couldn't keep their eyes off them. They added a whole new meaning to the term "rack 'em up". Makes me glad to be a bloke.

Apple's new animated OS

Core animation seems to be the new buzzword over at Apple. For you and me (if I were to own an Apple) it means a ridiculously memory-intensive OS for no gain - similar to Vista. The demo they're showing over at Apple right now is their CD burning software which - amazingly - emits smoke from the window as the CD burns. Oh they're so clever. Not. Apple used to understand that what made a user interface great was slick design and simplicity. Adding unneccesary animations is only going to bog the system down and increase the base requirements of the computer it needs to run on. Again, like Vista. I don't know anyone with Vista who uses the graphics-heavy and totally useless paging, flippy, shiny see-through thingy. Sure it looks great for the first 30 seconds but then when you try to do some real work, you realise what a complete and utter load of bollocks it is, and you go hunting for the "make it work like NT4" setting. I'm sure Apple will put a nice spin on

Free is better than £400,000

Following on from the nauseating headache of an Olympic logo that London paid £400,000 for, the Beeb ran an unofficial competition for readers to submit their own ideas. Some of the best are below. The winner by a long shot is the top one designed by someone called Richard Voysey. Clearly Richard has more talent in his little finger than Wolff Olins (the design bureau who came up with the offical logo) have in their entire company. It seems tempers are running so high that both an online petition (with nearly 50,000 signatures) and the even the government are demanding a rethink. Personally I like the tube-themed logos. The five linked tube lines drawn in the style of the London Underground map perfectly encapsulate an image of London that most tourists and Brits would know instantly. But what do I know?

One law for the Rich and Famous, one for the rest of us.

Tell me you didn't see this coming. Vacuous publicity whore Paris Hilton has been released from jail after only 3 days of her 45 day sentence. The stupid bitch has fabricated some medical excuse for getting out and the officials fell for it. She's going to be under house arrest for the next 40 days with a GPS tracker. My bet is that'll be off her leg by the weekend and she'll be spreading her particular brand of talentlessness out on the town by then. Well - at least she'll be spreading her legs by then. Ugh. Ugly bitch. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about her. Still - wish I could be famous for being borderline retarded.

ii don't understand.

This is a weird one. The Nintendo Wii is currently outselling the PS3 5-to-1. Ok so it's cheaper but that's because it's last-generation hardware. I don't understand this. Old hardware, not backward compatible, sporting stupid super-happy-fun-fun-kiddy-mario games and it's selling like hotcakes. I used to be a total Nintendo bigot - I'd defend them to the grave. But with the Gamecube, they lost me due to the appalling lack of proper games. Sure they had all the kid-friendly stuff, the Marios, the games for the under-5's. But with the exception of one or two titles, it was a total bust. The weird thing was that the GameCube was the best hardware back then - it was better than the PS2 and the Xbollox (not difficult - my car's onboard engine diagnostic computer is more exciting than the Xbollox). Despite having the best sound, graphics and processing power, the Gamecube was a sad last in the console wars. Now the PS3 is top of the pile, followed by the Xbo

More Torrey ride pics are in.

The pictures from two of the other cameras are in from our ride in Southern Utah. I particularly like Officer Bogus - a stuffed police officer with a gaucho moustache that is left on the side of the road in a dead Crown Victoria. He's moved around a bit but when we were there he was in Torrey. You can have some real fun with the police when they don't know you're there :-) And riding in England, you just don't quite get this sort of scenery and road. This is Escalante overlook. Spot the number of other vehicles on the ribbon of immaculate asphalt. That's right - none. Nobody but the 5 of us. Oh, and no cops and no speed cameras. Sweeeet.


Classic bit of Asian translation: Perhaps that's the brand Paris Hilton wears.

Government fear tactics just aren't what they used to be.

Golly. US authorities said Saturday they had averted an attack that could have resulted in "unfathomable damage, deaths, and destruction," and charged four alleged Islamic radicals with conspiracy to cause an explosion at JFK by attacking the fuel depot. The truth of course is a little different. According to the experts, it would have been next to impossible to cause an explosion in the jet fuel tanks and pipeline. A fire maybe, but an explosion - no way. Even the fire would have been relatively small and self-contained. So not quite the unfathomable damage, death and destruction the US authorities would like you to believe. Apart from that, it turns out the 'alleged' 'plotters' lacked the explosives and financial backing to carry out the attack in the first place It's all so oddly familiar. "Alleged" terrorist "plotting" to blow stuff up to do with the airlines. Last time around wasn't it binary liquids that ultimately also prov

London unveils the 2012 Olympic logo.

Well at least they've made the logo match how the Olympics are going to work out in London - a dishevelled, disorganised piece of shit.

600 miles later...

That was quite the weekend. We just got back from our biking trip to Southern Utah. We trailered the bikes down to Torrey where we stayed in the old Cowboy Homestead. We did three rideouts. On friday we travelled down through Boulder and out across Hell's Backbone to Escalante. On saturday we went south to Lake Powell and did a l-o-n-g hot day going around that part of the state, and this morning we went up to Fish Lake via US72. I had the Beemer, natch. Mike took his GSXR750 and Gee-off took his CBR600 - the angry hornets. Mark was on his KTM-Porn and Nephi was on his V-Strom. The friday rideout was, simply put, spectacular. If you've never been to Hell's Backbone, you have to see it to believe it. It's not a road for spirited riding where you might make a mistake, due in the most part to the 300m dropoff either side of the shoulders with nary a crash barrier or tree to give you a fighting chance on the way over the edge. On the way back we went up the first part of t