Woohoo - the economic stimulus package has passed.

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If you believe all the articles and the news, the economic stimulus package has passed the house and senate, and because it's a Bush pet program, he won't veto it. Also if you believe the articles and the news, we'll see a cheque for $1200 in the mail.

Mmm yeah. I don't think so.

I'll believe this scam when I see it. In the unlikely event we do get a cheque, it'll go straight in the savings. You'd have to be a total idiot to actually spend it in this economic climate.

The reason for my skepticism? I remember Bush's last cheque tax rebate three or four years ago. Or more specifically, I don't, because neither us, nor anyone we know received cheques that time around despite fitting the qualifications.

"Paperless billing - we're not Green, we're cheap"


I got yet another email from yet another company "going green" this morning. Progressive insurance are now promoting their paperless billing under the guise of being Green, as well as the 'convenience' factor. Which is bollocks of course, because most people who receive an email bill will print a copy out for their records. So it's not saving paper which means it's not being Green. The convenience thing doesn't hold up either - I find it more convenient for them to mail me the documents so I don't have to print them out myself. The next argument they use is that my online account is password protected where my mail isn't. Correct, but my email isn't password protected, so when they send me the documents electronically, they're as open to fraud as the mail. Then they go on to say that things go missing in the mail, which is also true, but at the same time, spam filters, aggressive service providers and internet bottlenecks often see email simply vanish too.
The real reason for paperless billing is of course because they're being cheap. It means that Progressive don't want to pay for the paper to print their policies on, and the postage to send it to me.
Look - I pay enough for my car insurance - the least they can do in return is print my documents for me and spend 38 cents on postage, because you know for sure if I ever need to make a claim, they're going to rape me blind. After all, insurance companies don't make money by paying out.

It's the same reason that when I closed my Amex account and they billed me for 1 cent, I paid it with a cheque instead of an e-transfer. If they're dumb enough to bill me for that amount, they can pay the postage-paid envelope and the $1.50 processing fee too. The more people who use their brains and do stuff like this, the more large companies will take note.

I forgot.
The March of the Morons.

I'll just quiet down then.

Dance to the beat, w'chout for my feet.

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If you've never heard 'Movement In Still Life' by BT, I can thoroughly recommend it. 4 minutes and 30 seconds of deep bass electro perfection.


Natural selection gone wrong.


There was a time in the planet's past where natural selection weeded out the weak, the feeble, the deformed and the just plain stupid, to try to leave the variety of plants and animals with a strong DNA to pass on. Nowadays, not so much. Specifically not with humans. Thanks to lawyers, car manufacturers and the skill of other drivers, there are a growing number of retarded drivers who, under normal circumstances, would be culled very quickly and removed from the gene pool under the guise of natural selection. This just isn't the case now though. These idiots go about their day, blissfully unaware of the havok they wreak on the roads and when they finally do get into a wreck (that should by all rights have killed them), they get out and walk away. They they then breed, and teach these same atrocious practices to their litter, who go on to perpetutate the dumbing down of the species.

Can't we just stop avoiding accidents? If someone does what the stupid bitch did to me on sunday, can't I just drive over her car and crush her in a twisted wreck of burning metal? Why do I always have to be responsible for the actions of everyone else on the road? Why are they never responsible? Surely, as a species, if I'd driven into the back of her and she'd died as a result, wouldn't we all be better off? I think I might start videoing all my everyday driving and just posting the videos and license plates on a new website - cluelessfuckingdrivers.com or something. I'd be doing a service to all road users by making these people accountable - something they clearly don't think they are.

It's not just driving either - I see it in everyday situations. People are getting dumber and dumber and using their brains less and less. By all rights, these people should be being slaughtered - killed off by their own stupidity, but they're not. Instead, when they do something idiotic, they're on the phone to a lawyer because they simply don't want to be held accountable for their own actions.

The longer this attitude persists, the worse the world is going to get.

I know - I'll run for president. One of my policies will be to introduce a frivolous lawsuit bill. It'll be called the "It's called an accident, you idiot" Bill. Or Chris's Law.

Of course it didn't bloody snow.

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Stupid weatherguessers. I should have listened to Jodi when she said it wouldn't come in until tonight. That idiot on the weekend weather has no idea.