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Blogging from 35000ft part 2

Holyfriggincrap. I love google, I love my iPhone and I love Netflix. Google give us free wifi on Delta, Netflix allows me to stream my queue to my iPhone, so I'm watching Netflix streaming, at 0.85mach at 35000ft.

Blogging from 35,000ft

A couple of weeks ago I was blogging at 300kmh on a Korean bullet train. Today, thanks to free inflight wifi on Delta, I'm blogging from 35,000ft :-)

Top Gear USA

Well. Top Gear US sucks in a way I thought was previously impossible. Three blocks of wood who can't read a script and aren't funny. They have zero chemistry together, and all they're doing is copying TG UK almost segment for segment, stunt for stunt. They did a Viper vs. a Cobra helicopter tonight which was a direct copy of when Clarkson went up against an Apache. Only on Top Gear USA it was neither funny nor exciting. They previewed a segment showing one of them in a car sealed up, filled with water, being driven on their track (copy) and they even showed a preview of one of the presenters hopping out of a car with a lousy handbrake on a hill - a direct copy of Hammond doing it. I think they even choreographed the way he got out of the car to try to be identical. Their main driver, Tanner Foust, is 8 kinds of gay and the fat bearded presenter is just objectionable in every way possible. (Rutledge Wood? WTF is that?) None of the three of them have any excitement in the