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Salomon X-Wave 7 ski boots. Mine for $180 off because REI are having a sale :-) So now I've got my own boots, we'll see if I can improve my skiing and get off the green slopes.

Classic B*shlit

This is pure, classic B*sh crap. Yesterday he told reporters that in 2002, Al Qaeda had planned to use shoe bombs to breach a cockpit door of a commercial jet, to gain control of it and fly it into a skyscraper in Los Angeles. He claimed that the fact that it didn't happen was proof that his anti-terrorism policies were working. Classic. I've got one for you : Al Qaeda were planning to let foot-and-mouth infected cattle graze on the Whitehouse lawn in an attempt to assassinate B*sh. That this didn't happen is proof that the Whitehouse's anti-cattle policy worked. Or how about this : Al Qaeda were training sharks to eat American tourists off the coast of Florida. The fact that the attacks have slowed or dried up is proof that our anti-shark-training tactics are working. See. I can take headline news and turn it into "proof" that something is working. The mayor of Los Angeles said he was "blindsided" by B*sh's comments yesterday, which is a p

First accident of the year.

Seems like I'm going to be an ace witness for car accidents again this year. Coming home, the woman in front of me in a gold Audi estate was weaving all over the road, distracted by something in the front seat. As we got to a school, the car 4 vehicles in front slowed down and stopped to turn left. The truck behind that slowed down and the woman in front of me sailed straight into the back of him at 40+mph - never even touched the brakes. When I got out to see if she was okay, she was stowing a laptop that had been on the front passenger seat! That wasn't the worst of it - she actually said to me "how much would it take for you to not be a witness?" She tried to bribe me ! When the police turned up I filed a witness statement telling them how she'd been weaving down the road, how she was packing up a laptop when I checked after the accident, and how she tried to bribe me not to be a witness. I home the dumb bitch loses here licence!

The new pledge of allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the flag and the Republican party for which it stands, one nation divisible, with liberty and justice for oil. Made me laugh.

Different shit, different day.

That makes a change. Turns out that due to a sell-off , I now work for Rockwell Collins. From our side of the exchange, we can't see a down-side to this whole deal. For those left at the old company, things don't look quite so rosy.

This is so annoying.

I went to the dentist this morning and he's adjusted my bite slightly by filing off a nubbin on the back of one of my teeth. The result is that I keep chewing the inside of my cheek / lip / gum / tongue whilst trying to get used to my new bite. It's tres annuyant.

The "Religion of peace" burns another embassy.

Muslims have torched another Danish embassy today. Here's an interesting observation then : do you see Hindus rioting about beef sales, given that they consider cows to be religious and all that? Umm. No. Lets face it - what's doing more damage to the image of muslims to the rest of the world? Some satirical cartoons, or them burning down embassies, burning flags, and cutting hostage's throats on live TV? "Reap what you sow".

Totally hooked.

We just got back from my second weekend of skiing. I'm hooked. I have succombed to the narcotic effects of skiing. So today I finally figured out how to get down Pokey Pine and Same Street off the top of the Moonbeam lift. I'm proud of the fact that my goal was to get down there on my own and I did it twice with the group and twice on my own. I only wiped out once all day so apparently I'm improving. I guess this means I'll be buying boots this week then.