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And another retard removes himself from the gene pool.

Darwin Awards nominees are getting younger all the time. Yesterday some doofus 15 year old painted his replica 9mm pellet gun to look just like the real thing, then took it to school, took it out and started waving it around. He marched a 13 year old classmate up to the blackboard with the gun stuck in the small of his back. The school was locked down, SWAT was called in and after chasing him to a bathroom where he refused to put the gun down, they shot and killed him. Bravo I say. The parents are now complaining that it was excessive force, yet witnesses including classmates said they all thought the gun was real and they were right next to the kid. The 13-year old is probably going to need psychological help for the rest of his life. Excessive force? Absolutely not. When some wanker school kid thinks it's a big joke to whip out a gun at school, fake or not, he deserves everything he gets. Perhaps the very upset parents should have spent a little more time teaching their kid mann

Sofa so good.

Excuse the terrible pun but it looks like we're getting great customer service from Palliser. Their local rep authorised the repair on our sofa and it's in the shop now being done. It's better than sending it all the way back to Canada for a repair and the corner being worked on will likely turn out to be the strongest part of the sofa once it's done.

Chevy need to be careful with claims like that.

Chevy are running a big marketing push on TV right now about their "head2head" comparisions on Apparently they're the "number one brand in America" and they've just slashed up to $3000 off all their models. So I decided to give it a go. I started with the Chevy Avalanche, which is their version of the Honda Ridgeline. Using the Chevy head2head comparator, the Honda came out on top in all areas - smaller engine, thus better gas mileage. Better warranty. Cheaper price, cheaper delivery charge, better mileage warranty and so on and so forth. So Chevy's big promotion has shown their Avalanche is the worst option for that sort of vehicle. ( see here ). "This is amusing," I thought, so I decided to press on. So next I tried the Chevy Cobalt 4 door sedan. Their tool came up with a bunch of competition including the Honda Civic, the Mazda 3, the Toyota Corolla and the Ford Focus. Again, the Chevy product, using their own tool, comes out

Meanwhile, back in the British Dictatorship.

Herr Blair has obviously had a word with the police about people's right to express themselves, because apparently it's now illegal to flash a defiant gesture at an inanimate object. Sean Toehill has been convicted of dangerous driving, fined £90 and banned from driving for a year. Why? Because he travelled past a mobile speed camera whilst giving the camera the two-fingered salute. The device had photographed him driving 22mph in a 40mph zone which is the first problem - why did it photograph a non-speeding driver?. Aside from that gigantic violation of the code of use for speed cameras, the police became "enraged" when they noticed he had given the camera a "V-sign." Officers were dispatched to his home two days later to present charges which the Cupar Sheriff Court in Fife, Scotland upheld on Monday. Get this - the charge brought against his was "showing disrespect to a mobile speed camera van". This is such an unbelievably criminal abuse of po


We're edging closer and closer to B*sh being responsible for the deaths of more Americans than died in the 9/11 attacks. Today the death toll is 2208 serving men and women who've come back in body bags. The official total number of people killed in the WTC attacks, the Pentagon and Flight 93 is 2986. Only 778 to go.