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The Best Buy Corollary

When Best Buy moved into town, nerds and geeks all over the valley praised their chosen deities, for all our dreams had come true. A shop we'd actually want to browse in. It quickly put Circuit City and Ultimate Electronics out of business, and slowly dragged Inkleys under. Now they're pretty much the only game in town. And that's a problem. I'm in the market for an HD camcorder at the moment and I've narrowed my choice down to three. Best Buy only has one of them - and only at one store. The other two are not to be found anywhere in this city, or even close by. Obviously I'm going to buy the chosen device off the interwebs when the time comes, but I'd like to at least handle all three of them before making my decision. Reviews alone do not maketh the decision. But it looks like I'm going to be "forced" to buy the only one I can find locally. Which as it turns out isn't so bad - it was number 2 on the list.

An ongoing rant.

Why is Windows so bloody slow at doing everything? And why does it insist on stealing focus every time a dialogue window appears? OMFG I'm just going to have to kill my operating system.

Time travelling in my mind

Oh wow. iTunes just popped one out of the archives at me. Not heard this probably for 15 years now - since it first came out in fact. That's enough to make a man feel old. Fluke - Slid . Very few lyrics - in fact they only appear in one or two of the many mixes of this track. Into the deep from on dizzy heights What a sight as the world flies by Into the deep from on dizzy heights What a sight as the world flies by Nowhere to sliiide.... I've got to say, Fluke were way ahead of their time. Just about everyone has ripped them off since. The entire backbeat to this track forms most of the Chemical Brother's albums alone.

Ski Brighton

In a break from the norm, I went skiing up at Brighton today at the behest of one of my friends. Normally I ski Solitude so this was new terrain for me. I really enjoyed it - their terrain is w-i-d-e open but with enough variety of slopes that an intermediate skier like me had plenty to choose from. We blitzed the mountain with a morning pass, without a break. 9:00 to 12:30 - I'm exhausted. We skied past an on-mountain photographer at one point, so I did the tourist thing and bought a couple of pics off his website.