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Too cool!

I discovered talking to Mike tonight that the main mechanic at SL Motorsports (where the Ducati launch is next saturday) is the wrench for Chris Blais! Yes - the Dakar rider who came in third! And I get to meet him. So sweet. I hope I get time to pick his brains and get some stories off him. I've only ever met one other person who's actually done the Dakar rally before. I'm looking forward to this.

Lose control?

The US could lose control in Iraq unless action is taken to reverse increasing communal and insurgent clashes, a US intelligence report says. That's a bit naive isn't it? The US doesn't have any control in Iraq - they've ruined the country, destroyed its infrastructure and created a civil war. On a lie. I like the expression "communal and insurgent clashes". They just won't use the words "CIVIL WAR" will they? Too funny.

Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Record petrol prices at the pump = ? Actual CNN headline : Exxon has biggest U.S. profit ever Well duh! For the year, Exxon Mobil earned $39.5 billion, up from its previous record $36.1 billion in 2005. According to the stuffed shirts, this of course has nothing at all to do with the $3 gallon at the pump last year. Nothing. It's just pure coincidence. You would apparently need to be mentally unbalanced to equate record oil company profits with crippling petrol prices. At least that's the message Exxon are sending out with today's publicity blitz on the news channels. Come on, Exxon. We're smarter than that. Just tell us the truth. You rape people blind for petrol so you can keep your fat, greedy, selfish shareholders and VPs rich. That's all there is to it.

Dear America. Use your common sense.

This is another truly sad example of how Bush has destroyed America. Boston was apparently "riddled" with bomb scares yesterday. People were phoning in reports of suspicious packages that they thought were bombs. Look at the picture. Does that look like a bomb to you? They're an advertising promo of some sort done by Turner Broadcasting. "We apologize to the citizens of Boston that part of a marketing campaign was mistaken for a public danger" is what the CEO said. What? You're apologising for this? Oh come on! What you should have said was "We apologise that you Bostonites are too fucking stupid to realise that an advertisement is not a bomb." The two guys who were commissioned to make these signs and put them up have now been arrested and charged with placing a hoax device in a way that results in panic under the Patriot Act. They face 5 years in jail, essentially for not breaking any law, but because some twitchy Americans panicked. The Patri

And so the snow returns!

Yay! The resorts had their first fresh snow in two weeks yesterday - 4 inches at Solitude. They're expecting another foot today which is excellent news. I know where I'll be on superbowl sunday then :-)

That wet basement floor....

That would be the leaking connection on the outside tap at the back of the house. Fortunately it has been dripping on to the top of the foundation wall - most has been coming down the inside of the basement wall and out under the carpet and some has been running down the outside of the basement wall. Still - at least now I know what the problem is I can get it fixed. Sadly I had to hacksaw an access hole in our brand new ceiling, but it's right in the corner near the meter cupboard so a spring-loaded access hatch will sort that out.

Coming soon to a UK street corner near you?

Apart from being caught on CCTV several hundred times a day, those poor fools back in England might soon be able to look forward to an extra couple of hundred doses of radiation a day. In the name of "anti terrorism", plans have been drawn up to install millimetre-wave x-ray scanners in lamp posts. When you walk past, they x-ray you looking for bombs, drugs, guns and knives. I won't even go into how wrong this is on so many levels, because no matter how much the stuffed shirts claim "they've never heard of this plan", I have no doubt that England being what it is, these things are probably already installed and in use. And if they're not in-use now, then certainly no amount of investigation by the press or complaints by the public will stop them. After all, Britain is the most surveilled country in the world. Strange, then, that the crime rate is so high. Almost makes you believe that all those CCTV cameras don't cut crime at all. I'm sure that&

The only reason to upgrade to Windows Vista

There can only be one reason to upgrade to Windows Vista. And that would be if they've finally made the "yes to all" function actually mean "yes to all". ie. if you can set files copying or deleting and not come back an hour later to discover that it stalled on the third file because when you clicked "yes to all", Windows didn't understand what you meant. Oh - there is one other reason - if they've finally made it so that "shut down PC" actually shuts it down instead of sitting there with a confirmation dialogue asking you if you're sure you want to close Outlook. As far as I can gather from the reviews, Vista looks like pointless bloatware right now. C|Net and Wired both say there's no reason to upgrade to Vista because it's basically warmed-over XP. I can go with that. I don't need some superhappyshiny interface that needs 1Gb of memory and 4Gb of disk space just to run. I don't need Windows to continuously tr