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This has got to stop.

Alton Towers - one of the biggest theme parks in England, has announced it's having a Muslims-only day. Anyone else is being denied tickets for that day. This has got to stop. Can you imagine the uproar from the Muslim community if they were outlawed for a Christians-only day? Once again, officialdom demonstrates that the most disadvantaged segment of the population is non-denominational white people. We can't call black people niggers, but they can call us honkys and white trash. We can't call "hispanics" mexicans, but they can call us gringos. Christians can't be allowed any exclusivity but muslims can. We can't have Christmas but jews are allowed to have Hannukah and muslims are allowed to have Ramadan. I'm sorry but enough is enough. As one of the slaves put it in a Monty Python film: "help help - I'm being oppressed!"

Did NASA learn nothing?

NASA is due to launch Discovery on July 1st, despite warnings from senior safety officials and engineers that it is not safe to fly. Isn't this exactly what happened with Challenger? Have NASA not learned their lesson? When senior engineers all voice the same concern, and start resigning their posts before a launch, it should tell you something...

Goddamn Microsoft!

Why? I found a perfectly brilliant piece of photo-organising software and have been using it for years - iView. It's simple, clean and it works. I got a circular from them today - they've sold out to Microsoft. Oh great. So I can look forwards to bloated updates full of bugs from now on. Fuck.

Freedom tower final final final (no really it's final) design unveiled.

The latest in a series of designs for the "Freedom" tower in New York has been unveiled. Unlike most other glass-clad office buildings, the Tower will appear clear because they will remove the iron, which tints glass green. Nice. So the cooling bill is going to be astronomical with no tint in the glass. The tower will also be surrounded by groups of steps leading to the entrance, a large concrete security buffer zone and a series of thigh-high rectangular slabs (that look like tombstones) to guard against truck bombs. Ah yes. Nothing says "culture of fear" like 140 feet of concrete and truck barriers surrounding something that's supposedly a beacon of resolve. Way to go America. Yay. You Ess Ay.