Millions of dollars of R&D defeated by a 5 cent balloon.

Jul 31, 2008 | | 0 comments |

Imagine. Millions of dollars of R&D and infrastructure. Face recognition, camera tracking, remote control, wired or wireless connection, video storage - probably on hard drive. The latest CCTV cameras are Orwellian in their intrusive nature, but they are clever.

Unless you have a 5 cent helium balloon (charged with static from rubbing it against your sweater), a piece of string and a rock.

Oh my god. Today was the day!

Jul 28, 2008 | | 2 comments |

I just filed my 17th witness statement to the police today having been intimately involved with a traffic accident. A couple of cars in front of me a guy had slowed down to turn left and to yield to a wheelchair crossing the road. I saw two cyclists pass me on the cycle lane and then the guy in front went to go around the car waiting to turn left. He didn't look and creamed one of the cyclists. She went over the back of his car and knocked herself out on the street. I parked the car diagonally across the cycle lane to provide a barrier between the traffic behind me and the cyclist lying on the ground, and when I looked up, the bastard who ran her over was driving off.
What an opportunity! Time to be hero-to-the-people. Screw it - time to meter out some civilian justice. I've had enough of people like him.
I chased him on foot to the next set of traffic lights (thank heavens it wasn't far), opened his driver's door, dragged him out, threw him on the ground and tried to do one of those wrist-lock knee-in-the-back things you see on TV. I don't know how effective it was but I managed to keep him there despite all the kicking and verbal abuse until the police turned up. Once they'd put him in the police car, I was walked back to where he'd hit the girl on the bike. The paramedics were already there with cones and fire engines and an ambulance around my car. They thought I was involved until the arresting officer told them otherwise. I had to give a statement, obviously, and the boyfriend was really grateful. I got the "don't get involved" lecture from the police too. Pff. Whatever. If I hadn't got involved, they would now be wasting my tax dollars trying to find a hit-and-run on sketchy info.

The car behind me had had an air-med crew in it going off-shift and the car coming the other way had a U of U medical crew in it going to work so as soon as the accident happened, there were experts to help right away.

Today I struck a blow for common sense and decency. I admit it - I vented a lot of anger on the other driver. I was probably a lot rougher than I could have been but at that point I was going on instinct rather than common sense. I had red mist and wasn't about to let him get away with it.

Anyway - I didn't get his licence plate number so I had to chase him down. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

It's not just me.


A colleague of mine took his family to the baseball game this weekend. By the time they got there, the stadium parking lots were full so they used one of the many event parking lots that are available during the games. They paid $10 and were ushered into a nice parking area along with a bunch of other cars. When they came out after the game, all the cars had been towed, costing $270 to get them back.
My colleage called the police, who came out, and had the balls to tell him that no crime had taken place other than him parking on private property, which is why he was towed.
So the criminals who took $10 off loads of drivers for "event parking" didn't commit fraud apparently, despite the fact that they had no rights to the land, no business permits and no insurance. No - they just chose a likely looking plot of land, had an "event parking" board made, and then robbed people blind.
And the police say there's no crime with that.

It's going to happen. One day, good, law-abiding people are going to rise up and put an end to this shit.

Another driver who needs removing from society.

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All I wanted to do was go through a drive-through and pick up some lunch. Of course it became my responsibility to get out of the way of the car full of jackasses reversing through the drive through.

Why? What purpose could that serve? If they were waiting for food, why weren't they parked? My guess - they couldn't be bothered to sit in line, or had a problem with their order. Rather than using his brain, the driver went into me-me-me mode and just reversed through the drive through. Nearly backed into me in the process.

Lets just say my anger got the better of me again.

One day. One day. Just try me.