Fuck Max Mosley.

Jun 19, 2009 | | 1 comments |

It seems that Max Mosley and the FIA are absolutely determined to destroy Formula 1 motor racing as we know it. For years they've been adding regulation on top of regulation trying to hobble the cars and drivers. Frankly I'm surprised the Grand Prix events don't just have drivers pushing their cars around the circuits now. And so, of course, with the 2010 season, Mosley wanted to introduce yet another ridiculous restriction - this time a cap on the R&D budgets of the teams. Apparently he doesn't understand that cutting-edge motorsports development costs quite a bit of money. Only this time the teams have fought back and today they announced a breakaway series - FOTA - backed by Ferrai, Brawn GP, McLaren, Renault, Toyota, BMW Sauber, Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso.

So where does this leave us - the fans? Well the TV rights will go to hell - all the existing contracts are very long term, and are with F1 and FIA. The same goes for the circuit contracts. So if the FOTA goes ahead with this, we'll be left with scant TV coverage of their events next year, and they'll likely be racing at backwater circuits nobody has ever heard of. In place, we'll have a neutered F1 series with no-name teams, no-name drivers and no-name sponsors racing at empty circuits with no spectators. Genius decision guys - thanks for that.

Why can't the FIA just fire Mosely? That idiot has been nothing but trouble for motor sports with his meddling.

My biggest concern with all of this is that the breakaway FOTA will probably be no better off without the FIA. I doubt they have the stones to re-introduce small wings, V8 and V10 engines, turbochargers and driver aids - in fact all the stuff Mosley has removed over the past decade. Mosley and the FIA keep insisting that their changes make the sport better, when in fact it becomes duller and duller to watch because you essentially have a sport which has been dumbed down to the level of Indy Car - a sport where a procession of cars turn left for 200 miles and then they all finish in the exact same order they started.

Speaking of Indy - Mosley, the FIA and for that matter the breakway FOTA could do well to open the history books and look what happened when the IRL split from CART back in the day. As in nature, when two competing species try to occupy the same niche, one will always die out. In that case it was CART that vanished, and the resulting IRL was weak in comparison, and has never regained the popularity, sponsorship or attendance that CART did. If the same happens in Formula 1, it will become just another motorsports event that nobody cares about.


Jun 16, 2009 | | 0 comments |

We watched a niche movie this weekend called Fanboys (so niche I think it went straight to DVD). If you're even vaguely in to Star Wars, this film is a complete must-watch. It's set in 1998 and is about a group of friends who decide to road-trip across country to steal the rough cut of Star Wars Episode 1. It's got a ton of cameos from big-name actors in it and the anti Star Trek sentiment is bloody funny. As a bonus, Kristen Bell is in it, and manages to pull off the Leia Gold Bikini very well. What did surprise me is just how short she is. Look at the promo poster - none of the guys in this film are particularly tall but they all tower over her. You'd never know from watching Heroes, Veronica Mars or Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I guess they normally do the Tom Cruise treatment with her - on a crate, or low camera angles.

WTF does iTunes have to do with Outlook?

Jun 14, 2009 | | 0 comments |

As the latest iTunes was polluting my PC just now, it was extremely insistent that I stop using Outlook. When I refused, it crashed outlook for me and rebooted my PC.
So here's the thing - WTF does iTunes have to do with Outlook? One is music software, the other is contacts and calendars. Why on earth would iTunes even care about Outlook.
And whilst I'm on the subject, what the hell is this bloody Bonjour thing that gets installed every time iTunes updates?

AAaaaaarrrrggghhh. Winblows is bad enough - now I have to babysit Apple software too?