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Dutch brewery pisses off Budweiser. Again.

Budweiser , the self-proclaimed 'King Of Beers' (king of overpriced cat piss more likely) once again got all uppity at a sporting event. They're the main beer sponsor of the World Cup this year. Bud have a history with being pissy. At the 2006 World Cup, Bavaria beer got one over on them with the orange lederhosen dished out to supporters (remember - they were all forced to take them off, so they all turned up in their underwear to protest?). Well they've done it again. Same company - Bavaria beer - dressed 36 leggy blondes in Norway supporters gear and got them into the Norway fans area during the Holland v Norway game. Midway through the match, they stripped down to bright orange minidresses mid-game. Orange is of course the Dutch national colour, and the sudden appearance of a swatch of orange in the Norway fans area obviously grabbed the attention of the TV cameras. Free advertising for Bavaria beer, and 2-0 in the Bavaria v Budweiser war. So Budweiser once again go

The sound of quietly heating water

The plumbers came back yesterday and fitted a new, non-fan-assisted water heater. It's so lovely and quiet again. We like it and the cat isn't freaking out any more.