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Meanwhile , El Busho is contuing to beserk around the Whitehouse. Today he signed a bill which he claims will help protect communities from "devastating" wildfires. How? More timber and brush can be cut and cleared with less environmental scrutiny under the new law. So instead of educating people about carelessness with campfires and such, he's given logging companies carte blanche to remove those pesky, life-threatening terrorist trees. That's like fucking for virginity. Or invading a country "in case they might" have weapons of mass....oh...wait... That reminds me George - 441 days without finding those pesky WMD you lied to us all about.... Oh and the speech you're going to give on December 17th announcing America's return to the moon won't actually make you like JFK. You're not JFK. You never will be JFK. So don't try to be JFK. You'd need a brain and a personality to even be in the same class as JFK.......
Last day. Feet dead. Back dead. Shoulders dead. Thank God we knocked off at 15:00. I did as much packing for the return as I could but had to drop out at 20:00. Tomorrow? Islands of Adventure :)
Hump day - day 3. L-o-n-g day for a trade show today; 9:00-18:00 Phew! I've come to the conclusion that the Rosen Centre Hotel, where we're staying, is geared towards the British tourist. Everything is impossibly expensive by American standards, and the taps and showers have zero water pressure in them. They're also one of these hotels that quietly includes the 19% "tip" on the bill for everything, then includes a blank "tip" line further down. Obviously I'm wise to this tactic, but I wonder how many people include their own tip, thus double-tipping the hotel? The staff do seem to get a bit bent out of shape when you draw an arrow from the blank tip line to the tip amount already included in the bill though.
Sweet mother of.... I hate to admit it but morbid curiosity got the better of me and I watched the first episode of that show where Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie have to live on a farm. She's useless. No she's worse than useless. She's d.... no, I can't say dim because that's insulting to dim people. The skinny bitch is a total absolute idiot. I don't think she's ever done anything for herself ever in her life. She doesn't know how to drive. She can't cook. She doesn't know how to live without high heels and a cellphone. She brought bags of LA type clothes to a farm! She didn't even know what a well was for! And when the farmlady told her it was for getting water from, she was like "doesn't it come out of a tap?" She can't think for herself. She's like a skinny 6ft 1 week old baby. I can't even bring myself to pity her. She's below pity! What sort of a person is so - so - there's not even a word for it
Trade show day 2 : sore back, sore shoulders, semi-sore feet but at least I can still walk. This time last year I couldn't even stand. On another note : Good Christ almighty there's a lot of Brits in Orlando. Everywhere I turn there's English accents. Virgin or BA must be having a sale.
Dear Dr. Scholl. Whilst I cannot confirm that I'm "gellin' like a fellon", I do concur that your massaging gel insoles do indeed make a difference. Especially when you're on your feet for 10 hours straight. Trade show day 1 : after a nervous start, things picked up and we ended the day on a more or less high note.