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Scariest article ever.

The top ten reasons why Bush will invade / bomb Iran If this happens, it'll be the last mistake any world leader ever makes. Bush is too immature to resist using nukes and with his doctrine of "pre-emptive war", you just know he's going to try to turn Iran into a glass parking lot with his "Fuck the rest of the world" attitude. I would say "I dare you" but I don't, because Bush is retarded enough to actually do it. He has no concept of consequences, and doesn't understand that if he does, Russia will evaporate most of the major cities in America for him. We can't afford for Bush to serve out the rest of his term. Something has to be done to remove him from power, and fast, or we're all going to regret his pitifully low IQ and Texas attitude towards life. Let's not forget he went on TV this week and told us Nelson Mandela was dead. You can't win a war on terrorism - anyone with any common sense knows this and only a fool coul

Yay! It's Christmas. Wait - what?

Home Depot have won the grand prize for jumping the gun this year. We went in for some bits and pieces yesterday and lo and behold, they have their Christmas display up. Three months and three days before Christmas, they have all the inflatable garden ornaments, fake trees, lights, displays and ornaments out on display. Normally that doesn't happen until we're getting close to Thanksgiving and that's still two months away. We've not even got to Halloween yet!

No more insects between the fingers.

I picked up some BMW R1150GS handguards this morning and spent an hour or so wrangling them on to the handlebars of the Tiger. They actually fit really well, and with the cutouts for the cables, all the electrical, throttle, brake and clutch cables fit neatly through the handguards. Everything still moves nice and freely so I don't think I've buggered up any of the cables. The nice thing is that it means the handguards will collect the dead bugs now instead of them getting wedged between the fingers of my gloves. Plus, on cold mornings, the wind blast is now diverted over and around my hands just like it was on the beemer. It's odd that Triumph don't do 'official' handguards for the Tiger. Everyone on the forums is busily fitting KTM and BMW ones, so there's a definite market for them. But what do I know? I'm just a consumer.

Driving like a total cock.

As a motorcyclist I'm used to being invisible on the road, but this morning took the cake in terms of outright wankerness. The same guy cut me off three times and nearly ran into me once. The first two times I was trying to change lanes, and as soon as I indicated, he pulled out behind me and closed the gap. The third incident happened when he tried to change lanes into me without looking, and the last time he cut me off was again changing lanes only this time I was behind him and in the process of passing him having changed lanes when he veered over to cut me off. So if that was you in the white Mercury Mariner, coming up Foothill drive this morning, here's some advice. (1) Stop texting on your cellphone whilst driving - you're not that important. (2) Stop driving like a total cock - you evolved to have eyes, and your car has mirrors and indicators for a reason. And (3), I hope the bodyshop charges you an arm and a fucking leg for the huge dent I kicked into your passenge

Late nights.

We have a big demo coming up tomorrow so we did a late one tonight. At lunchtime the demonstrator was essentially in pieces. Bob was trying not to stab mike under the floor whilst routing new wires under the cockpit and I was trying to get the demo assembled with three mismatched views, so stuff kept vanishing into the channel boundaries. We managed to extract mike who seemed to be able to get into an impossibly small space and by mid-afternoon we were running on all cylinders. Demo is, for the most part, ready to show now though.

Ooh. Meaty.

Even the chair of the 9/11 Commission now admits that the official evidence they were given was 'far from the truth'.

Make it stick this time.

Vegas police have arrested OJ today following his gun rampage a couple of days ago. Let's hope they make the charges stick this time. He's already guilty of one murder and with gun in hand, was probably on his way to a second. He claims he didn't want to involve the police in the return of what is allegedly his, because he was setting up his own sting operation. Clearly this man doesn't understand what it means to be a civilian. I hope he gets dealt with just like any other normal person under the same circumstances. The good news is that with Johnny Cochrane out of the picture now, OJ can't rely on him to get him off this time.