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I'd have gotten away with it too if if wasn't for...

Well I'm not sure quite what was responsible, but T-mobile finally caught up with me and my, ahem, dodgy internet access from my phone. For the longest time I've had a double proxy hack running on my phones which allowed total, unlimited web access on their $5.99 monthly t-zones plan. That plan should only allow me to get to t-mobile's own sites, but with the double proxy hack, it circumvented that. Sadly, no more. I looked at my phone last night and the 'edge' signal had disappeared and been replaced with 'GSM'. Very quickly afterwards there was a text message telling me the t-zones plan I had was no longer valid. Buggeritallanddamnandblast. Oh well - two years with extremely cut-rate web access isn't bad I suppose.

Things not to do when you have hayfever.

Tip #18. Don't put your crash helmet on a grassy field, then put it on to ride home without checking inside it first. As your eyes swell up from all the pollen and grass seed blowing around inside, it gets difficult to see. I met up with a friend today at Miller Motorsports Park for the US round of World Superbikes. Racing was fun. Weather was great. Grassy knoll where I was sitting was - well - grassy. All the action, from CrappyCellPhoneCam (tm). That's Ben Spies, the American racer, way out in front: About 1% of the bikes parked up in the parking lot: