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So it's 2009 then.

Another new year, another 8 weeks of putting the wrong date on everything. It's quiet today too - I'm the only one in the office as far as I can tell. Apart from the workers replacing our hideous carpet with some newer, more hideous carpet.

Googlecash, Googlekits and 10minutemail

I've discovered the latest scam doing the rounds. Googlecash or Googlekits claim thousands of dollars for zero investment. You know the type. So I registered a temporary email with (bloody useful service!) and went through the machinations of getting my "free" kit using the temporary email account and fake names and addresses. After being redirected through three sites which all wanted an increasing amount of personal information, it came down to a "secure" payment for $1 for the kit. It's basically a dollar-a-click advertising scam. As an aside, my 10minutemail account did accumulate 12 pieces of spam in the 10 minutes it was active, so that's something I suppose.

9525 vertical feet.

Solitude was busy today - probably because the sun came out and all the fair-weather skiers decided to clog up the roads. Apart from one particularly bizarre turn where I strained a neck muscle, skiing was good today.