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The dumb thoughts I have

I have a knack, from time to time, of thinking something so idiotic that it's worth telling people about just for the laugh. They're normally thoughts that zing into my head so quick I can't stop them, and for the most part, they're totally retarded when they happen. The most recent was tonight, as I was approaching the front of an Autozone store. It's -14°C outside, and they had a stack of boxes of antifreeze and ice-melting washer fluid out front. Seems reasonable - put the product out front that is most likely to be needed today. But what did I think as I saw them there? "They ought to put those inside or they'll freeze." Seriously. The other three that come to mind from my recent past: I was in a petrol station, filling up my new car, and being sensitive to all the new sounds and smells of a new car, I was alarmed to smell petrol, and despite standing there with my hand on the pump, I thought "Oh hell! Where's that smell of petrol comin

Winter's here!

It's a balmy -12°C this morning and I spent a therapeutic 15 minutes with the snow blower clearing about 20cm of snow out of the driveway and sidewalks before coming to work. "Crisp" is a term that comes to mind.

I see the MPAA are making friends again.

Check this out. If your house has a television larger than 29" with stereo sound and at least two comfortable chairs, a couch or a futon, the MPAA would like to fine you $500,000 for illegally showing movies in your home theatre. Of course for a one-time $50 fee to the MPAA plus a home invasion inspection by them, you'd be quite OK. Fortunately this is a satirical article linked from BBSpot. The problem is that it's so believable given the bullshit we've seen from the **AA's in the past. This almost seems par for the course, so people really don't question it. **AA execs have long been known for their screwed-up, out-of-touch-with-reality views, so why not charge for big TVs in your house or having your friends over to view? It almost makes too much sense. In fact, while we laugh, I bet there are MPAA goons reading Fark, BBspot and Slashdot saying "Holy shit - that's genius! Call the lawyers!"

Mmmmm. Indian.

We ate out at a place called the Himalayan Kitchen last night. Mmmm. Excellent food. Himalayan / Indian cuisine basically but easily one of the best ones we've found here in Salt Lake City. It did rather bring home how expensive everything is back in England though. Our two-course dinner with a tip at the Himalayan Kitchen was just on $40 - about average here in Salt Lake City. When I was back in England a few weeks ago, a two-course dinner at the Cottage Tandoori was $57 just for me. Dayam.