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England in winter

Ah yes. Global warming. We can all thank it for the warmer, drier winters. The balmy winter days, where people can go outside without needing coats. The early spring and late autumn that a warmer climate affords us. Oh wait - I forgot. That's a load of crap. This photo is the UK, taken yesterday, with more snow than it's had in the last 20 years. Which, oddly enough, is the last time it was this cold and snowy. Part of the 20 year cycle, which of course has nothing to do with the corresponding 20 year cycle of solar activity. No - pitiful humans are responsible for that, apparently.

I still fail to understand why the republicans are so mortally terrified of Obama.

I was sent a video clip by a colleague today which continues the fearmongering from the republican camp. ( ) The state of Detroit is nothing to do with state dependence, conservatism, liberalism or any of the other topics or "entitlement" programs that this 'reporter' blames it on. It's to do with a city that placed all its eggs in one basket in the motor industry, then stood by and watched as the big three motor companies were overtaken by poor management, terrible cars, and the inability to adapt to changing times and conditions. If it was to do with a particular government, or program, then by that reporters way of thinking, probably 40% of countries in the world would look like Detroit simply because they have democratic / liberal governments. True GM did offer more 'green' vehicles than the Japanese importers, but the difference is reliability, image and customer service. Any independent review will show you reliabilit

Handing victory to those with bad intentions

There's an interesting message in the events of the last couple of weeks. Act suspicious, and you'll score a victory for wannabe terrorists everywhere. The crotchbomber proved this. Three heads of state went on TV. The TSA clamped down on airport "security" even further. And the press and media just went crazy. I consider it grossly irresponsible of the world's media to report on stuff like this in the way they do. The crotchbomber incident could simply have been reported like this: "Following some unrest with an unruly passenger earlier today, a flight to Detroit landed without incident." Instead, CNN's headline: "Terrorist detonates bomb on US-bound flight". (which was wrong in just about every way). Those 6 words were all the crotchbomber wanted to see. As soon as a major news outlet does something like that, we've lost the battle. What CNN effectively did was publicly congratulate Al Qaeda for disrupting our way of life again

14,480 vertical feet.

Another great morning skiing today. The snow was perfect, the weather was clear and crisp and my skiing was good. We're so spoiled living where we do.