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On the upside...

There's a gymnastics cheerleading convention in the hotel today too. Who knew gymnastics teams had cheerleaders. I'll leave you to imagine what they look like .... On the downside, drum 'n bass until 8am and the family in the room next to me bouncing off the walls and screaming until 4am means I got - ooh - 2 hours sleep last night ?

Oh joy.

Imagine my delight. Having checked into the hotel here in Orlando tonight, I discover the room next to me has hotel virgins in it. Either that or the most inconsiderate people in Orlando right now. Either way, screaming up and down the hallway at midnight, screaming in the room, slamming the door and shouting at the top of their southern voices in the hallway doesn't strike me as the actions of anyone with any common decency or courtesy. That's not bad enough - there is also apparently another convention in town at the moment. I believe it's called Inconsiderate Indians and Pakistanis 2009. These goons have no courtesy either. When we took the elevator down to the lobby earlier, rather than wait for us to get out, the 400 of them waiting RIGHT outside the door just pushed their way in as we were exiting. We couldn't even get one step out of the elevator door before they just started shoving and pushing to get in. The old woman who's foot I ran over with my rolling


I had a colleague recommend an app to me today which is so amazingly useful I just know it's going to solve some of the irksome problems I have trying to keep files on two laptops and three PCs in sync. It's called DropBox and basically you sign up for a free account (or a paid one if you need more than 2Gb) and then install a small app on each machine (PC or Mac) that you own. It creates a folder which is then synchronised across all the machines. Drop a file on it on my PC, it's now available on my laptop, and vice versa. It has one-click link sharing too which is awesome. So if I have a picture on my PC I want someone to see, I drop it in my dropbox folder, right-click and select "copy public link" then email the link. Simple. So simple that it's just the sort of thing I'd become a huge fan of only to see it taken over and ruined by Microsoft. Lets hope that doesn't happen. Ok so it's cloud storage - ie. don't trust anything valuable to it