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Bush's ass my ass - he's still a total cock.

So Adolf Bush had some sort of procedure on his asshole today. Sadly, I suspect it won't stop him from being an asshole. Or a c*nt. Or a total cock for that matter. The good news is that I'm still around to type this and you're still around to read it, which means in the hours Darth Cheney took over he didn't start another war.

Harry Potter launch party.

Phew! That was quite the night. I helped out last night at the Harry Potter 7 launch party for the King's English - where Paula works. The turnout was huge - it's a good job we were allowed to close the road. There were easily 1,500 people there, most in costume, which was great. I surprised Paula - I'd led everyone to believe I was just going to be there in a Potter T-shirt. So when I turned up dressed as Hagrid, it took her a good minute to realise who I was. The party was a brilliant success though - we had TV crews there from channels 2, 4 and 5 throughout the evening. We put a few public web albums up on Picasa for people to look at - check them out: The King's English Harry Potter 7 launch party. Oh, and this is me....

She's starting to ..... shimmy....

The new wheels and tyres on the Element were causing a slight shimmy in the steering between 65 and 75mph so I took it back in this morning to get the wheels re-balanced. Turns out three of them were out - well out. So they re-did them for me, and off I went on to I-80. Up to speed - good - no shimmy. First bump and I hear a metallic 'ping' as something bounces off the door. When I got to work I checked the front-left wheel and sure enough one of the weights had come off. The sticky stuff they're using is crap-ola on these weights. So I came back down the motorway tonight and couldn't feel anything too horrific. The shimmy is much, much less noticeable now although I was dicing with some woman doing her hair in a Camry so I didn't get a good long stretch to know for sure. I'll whip it out on I-15 later once the traffic has calmed down and see how she goes.

Blah blah blah terrorist blah blah blah al qaeda

This is convenient. Hot on the heels of Michael Jerkoff's "gut feeling" about terror attacks in the US, an "intelligence" report today claims that Al-Qaeda is intensifying its efforts to put operatives into the US and the nation is at a heightened risk of attack. That's called "wag the dog" and you'd have to be borderline retarded to fall for that shit again.

Yes, I'm obsessing.

But come on - I mean this is such a great looking bike it's almost pornographic. Apart from those silly amber reflectors on the upside down forks, but those can come off. The real question is - can I actually wait 6 months to get some cash together? I've got pure technolust for this thing now. It has exactly the "it" factor that the iPhone is missing (see previous blog entry). Must. Have. Tiger.