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Remember the T-mobile dance at Liverpool Street Station ?

How about "Thriller" in full zombie garb at the Westlake Centre in Seattle...

Screw GM.

So GM is now no longer a viable going concern according to its' auditors; GM posted a $30.9bn loss for 2008. To put that into perspective, that equates to a loss of $352,739 an hour, or $97 a second.

Earlier this week, GM's top executive warned the European divisions of GM could collapse within weeks without European governments' help - costing up to 300,000 jobs. Chief operating officer Fritz Henderson said governments should step in immediately to ensure GM Europe did not run out of money by April or May.

I think that's called "throwing good money after bad" isn't it? The governments can't keep stepping in to help - GM have just proved that. They took a huge handout from the US government not once but twice, and are still on the brink of collapse. Let's just think about the impact of GM ceasing to exist for a moment - highly unlikely even if they declare bankruptcy. Hypothetically, GM would close its doors and all 266,000 US workers would be unemp…

That's just wrong.

Funny it may be, but it's still wrong. This punchbag toy requires you to blow Wolverine in order to use it. No Photoshop involved:

Great TV ad for a TV

This made me laugh enough this morning that people were coming to my cube to see what was going on. Ad advert for the sound quality of a new TV, using a choir: