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Tax the rich

In what will come as no surprise to anyone, the Republicans have started complaining about the end of the Bush-era tax cuts again after Obama flat refused to renew them. It makes sense to me that if you earn more, you pay more in taxes. That's what is proposed to help out the national debt. The Republicans however think that taxes should be cut further for the rich whilst healthcare costs should go up for the poor and elderly. At it's best, that is crazy. At it's worst that is destructive to the country. They argue that taxing the rich will reduce jobs because they equate rich individuals with companies. No. One of my super wealthy lunchmates does not employ anyone. He is simply wealthier than average and so should pay more in taxes. How difficult is that to understand? Apparently it's impossible for the GOP to understand because all they care about is war, protecting the rich and safeguarding corrupt corporations. The GOP want less government spending and want the econ