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Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Holy shit it's snowed a lot tonight. We had an inch this morning, then it rained and cleared most of the snow away. Then it started snowing again about 18:00. By 23:45, we had another three inches at least. And we're not even in the mountains! The power lines are all swaying because of the snow clumping and dropping off them, the roads are covered, and it's still coming down like a SOB. According to, it's going to continue tomorrow, then on sunday, tuesday, friday and saturday. Wham, wham, wham, wham, WHAM! Five storms in a row! Now who's the big Daddy of skiing, Colorado? Huh? Who's your daddy now? Beeyatch :)
Pff. This sucks. Mum and dad arrived last week for their Christmas vacation and mum wasn't feeling too well. We took her to the doc and it turns out she has pneumonia! Thing is, she'd been to her doc back home in England, and he'd not picked up on it and told her she was okay to travel! There's going to be some fur flying when they get back home. She's been laid up in bed the last three days :(