Showing posts from February 29, 2004
I went snowshoe-ing for the first time yesterday. It was weird - kinda like walking with clown shoes on, and I kept getting the tips of them at the back crossed. The snow was powdery and soft, and I managed about a mile circuit. Paula and Helen were skiing. We needed some R&R - in the morning we went to get fingerprinted for our ongoing green card application. A year and a couple of months after starting, it's looking promising. I think we've got the interviews to go, then we get the permanent residency status.
Shocker! The marines weren't sent in to Haiti to secure the embassy. They were sent to "persuade" Aristide to leave. He was interviewed today and confirmed the US marines stormed his palace and forced him to leave. I'm seeing a pattern here: US installs dictator. Years later, dictator is unpopular and civil war ensues. US removes dictator. Rinse and repeat. Yes, in the true fashion of Saddam Hussein, the US installed Arisitide in Haiti 10 years ago. Although he was elected president in 1990, he was evicted a year later in a military coup. He was returned to office in 1994 with the backing of U.S. troops under arrangements brokered by former President Jimmy Carter and surprise surprise : Colin Powell. I'm in shock and awe at the way history repeats itself.
It seems that reports of Google's death at the hands of shareholders have been exaggerated. They didn't float their IPO last week! That explains why Google still works properly this week :-)
Woohoo! Morgan Webb won Playboy's "TechTV Hottie" vote. There's an outside chance she's going to do a spread for them....
We had another foot of snow in Sugarhouse over the weekend. The snowblower was pressed into service again. And in the aftermath of the Oscars last night, turns out that Return of the King won all 11 Oscars it was nominated for. It seems to me that there ought to be some checks and balances in the Oscars. There's no point in anyone else's films being nominated when a lovie-fest like the Lord Of The Rings films keeps just sweeping the board clean. I imagine by the end of the ceremony, most of the rest of the attendees were asleep in their expensive entrees. It must have been unbelievably boring to just keep hearing "And the winner is Return of the King" "And the winner is Return of the King" "And the winner is Return of the King" "And the winner is Return of the King" "And the winner is Return of the King" "And the winner is Return of the King" "And the winner is Return of the King" "And the winner is