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3D is dead.

Well that didn't take long. Looks like Hollywood has finally come to
it's senses with regards to 3D film making. It seems the fad is over
and they have decided to revert most movies currently in production
back to 2D. The next Batman movie is the one that's turning the tide
in favour of common sense. Tron Legacy is another one, going from 3D
everywhere to just in IMAX screens. I reckon it's partly because the
fad has died down, partly because nobody is going to be stupid enough
to sit at home wearing goggles just to watch TV, and partly because of
the cost of changing all the projection systems in cinemas to 3D.
There is hope, after all.

Got the car back.

Well I finally got the car back today. For all the work they've not
been able to figure out the source of the noise so it must be behind
the dash. I'll live with it and do my own investigation in the next
few weeks. Either way I'm much less upset now I have it back.