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Holy snot . Comcast just fired the entire staff of TechTV..... Why? Do they seriously believe that their own G4 channel, with its talentless pre-pubescent presenters and heinously out-of-date programming, it's seriously flawed design and truly unfunny programming are a replacement for TechTV? Or is this just a simple case of "because we can" ? I was seriously pissed off with Comcast when I was a cable subscriber - continually charging me for channels I didn't have, (and their customer service people always argued the fact with me on the phone until I forced them to do a service check). They even managed to bill me for three months after we moved and left Comcast. And now they're dicking with my programming by getting rid of TechTV? What the hell? Can these idiots not leave anything well enough alone? They overcharge, they've got lousy customer service, their billing system is seriously
Well that's a big step. I've joined a gym. With a pool. Now to see if I use the membership to shed some pounds.
In the wake of the news that Michael Moore's new film (Farenheit 9/11) has been blocked from a cinema release by Disney , I thought some elaboration on the disaster that is Iraq would work well in today's entry: The entire Iraq episode may well go down as the worst blunder in the entire history of American foreign policy. Remember that just over a year ago - May 1st 2003, flyboy El Busho made his speech on the USS Abraham Lincoln, at which he hailed the US troops who ousted Saddam: "Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed," El Busho said. Strange, given that now, one year later, combat deaths are more than five times that of a year ago when he celebrated 'mission accomplished'. How is it George, that 5 times as many people died after the war ended than when it was on? Could it be that we're actually still at war? Iraq is El Busho's Vietnam and everyone knows it. By