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I'm all for hybrids but at least get one in a decent colour. I didn't even know pepto bismol pink was a Toyota option.

Religous zealots on billboards

On my way back down I-15 yesterday, I saw an interesting billboard from the local religious zealots. It had a ghostbusters type logo but with Darwin instead of the ghost. Underneath it read "There is no evolution. We were created. For the truth, call" and then a number. I'm not sure which religious group it was but it was quite funny to see that opinion stuck up on a 60ft freeway billboard. They won't believe in evolution but they'll believe in a book of fiction, translated so many times that even today's translation is in disagreement with the oldest surviving text. The Bible has been amended, changed, translated, rethought, edited and rewritten so many times that anybody who says that it contains anything near the original message is fooling themselves. The original was simply a collection of stories that has been changed by every group with an axe to grind through the ages. Heck - I believe the Catholics even re-wrote a huge section of it just because they