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That's it for another year.

Mum and dad left today, and we got a call from them an hour or so ago after they checked into the hotel in Vegas. Bloody typical, though - they're at the LV Hilton on the weekend the CES starts. Dammitallandbuggerypoo! I wanted to go CES this year but forgot all about it. Dory's settled down again - I think she tolerates mum and dad knowing that the house will be hers again in a couple of weeks. Today was the end of the couple of weeks, and she's quietly settled on her kitty furniture again this afternoon. Spent most of the day setting up Paula's new PC. It's super sweet - a "base" level Dell system that's 4x more powerful than my old gaming rig! I can't be outdone in that arms race - I must have more power now, obviously. I'm eyeing up an AMD x2 4200 processor at the moment .....

Oooh pretty.

Overall we had about 6 inches of snow at our house yesterday, hence the picture of me with the snowblower last night. The storm stalled over the northwest of the state and we ended up with 10 to 12 hours of lake-effect snow. I did my neighbourly bit and cleared the sidewalks on our side of the street, although the miserable bitch who rents the house next to us seems to care so little about anything outside the house that she didn't even shovel her drive or sidewalk, let alone the steps leading to her front door. Mind you, that's nothing new - her lawn is full of weeds and she gets her brother to come and mow it once a week in the warmer weather. In the mountains, Solitude got 9 inches of snow, which isn't much - I thought it would be a lot more given the amount we got in the valley, but either way, it's fresh and we'll be skiing again on sunday. Looks like we've got more snow due this weekend, then again on thursday next week too. It's about time - the ski r

I love my snowblower :-)


Isn't this just the nice little snowstorm

From a skier's perspective, this is fantastic: Actually, as long as the power stays on at home and the snow plough guys are OK with the roads, we'll be just fine. This storm blew in this morning and was allegedly going to be rain until about 16:00, but when I drove to work at 7:00, it was already snowing. Nearly 8 hours later and we're still being pummelled. The valley floor is easily over the 1 inch they predicted - more like 5 or 6 now, which means the ski resorts will be being hammered with fresh snow. I think the storm has stalled and we're seeing lake effect now. Nice.

Let's hear it for LG

At last. The saviour to the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD wars is on the horizon. LG have announced a dual-format player that will play double-sided, double-density Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs. Of course once LG release theirs, everyone else will have to and those idiots in the video formats industries can suck it.

Tablesaws at the ready....

I've decided it's time to try my hand at making some more furniture. I got some new power tools for Christmas, notably a table saw I'd been looking at. Well actually I received a circular saw because I asked for one - go figure - but I didn't know until today from talking to a work colleague that a table saw is a far better option for furniture making. Thanks to the no fuss no muss return policy at Lowes, I went back with dad and swapped it for the table saw. My own fault of course - if I'd known what I should have had on my wishlist in the first place, we'd have been fine. So once I get going, expect photos of haphazard pieces of furniture to appear in the blog :-)

And back to work.

Ho hum. Back to work. Two nice pieces of news though. The red light on my phone indicating voicemail was a message from me to me, which was nice. And I had a huge corporate envelope on my desk this morning which I thought might have had something to do with this Dallas thing, but I opened it anyway and whaddya know - a 10 year service achievement award and certificate. Wow!


4710 vertical feet at Solitude today and I accomplished my target for the year - riding the Sunrise lift and coming down Northstar. The only problem was that to get back to Moonbeam, I had to go up Apex and come down a bloody steep blue run. I swished left and right once then fell over and skated down about 50ft on my arse. After that I was fine. New target for this year then : come down off Apex without falling over. Dad managed to get some pictures of me today. To wit : fat bloke on skis :-).....