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It's so broken it's funny.

I am of course referring to England. The UK office is a case in point. The door buzzer downstairs broke on monday, and hasn't been fixed, meaning the outermost locked door is now propped permanently open. At the onset of cold weather, the heating system broke down. It stayed broken for so long they had to buy electric oil-filled radiators. When they plugged those in, the electrical system broke down and blacked out the building. Now the heating has been fixed, the air conditioning has broken down. It could be a comedy, but it isn't. It's just the way things are in England. The country is just broken. I'm glad to be leaving on sunday to go home.

Pimp my pushback tug.

Being in the commercial aviation business, I thought this was nerdy and funny...

When did plastic bags become the Great Evil?

The way the girl in the supermarket looked at me last night when I asked for a plastic bag made me wonder if I'd accidentally raped her and cut her children's heads off or something. "You want a plastic bag?" "Yes" "Why?" "Umm. To carry my shopping in...?" "Don't you have your own?" "Umm. Does it look like I have my own? Would I be asking for one if I had my own?" "Oh. Well I suppose..." Snidey little bitch.


The good news: Obama won the election. The bad news: the democrats have a majority in the house and senate now. This means that no matter what good comes of this, everything that goes wrong can now be blamed on the democrats because they have nobody else to blame. I can see the republicans just lining up for 4 years of the blame game now.

Taxation without representation.

You'd think being a taxpayer, I'd be allowed to vote in the election, but sadly not. I'd have to be a citizen. Oh well - we're hours away from knowing whether we stand a chance in the next 4 years, or whether we're going to hell in a handbasket. Go Obama.

An uneventful trip

I was as surprised as anyone yesterday to reach my in-laws house with my luggage, having arrived at the correct airport, and having not had the rental car explode / crash / disintegrate. This is probably the least eventful trip I've had for a long time, and the half-awake idiot at the Hertz desk was actually unusually helpful.