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Mount St Helens evacuated

After yesterday's steam and ash show, MSH generated a 3.0 earthquake today along with another steam and ash eruption. The USGS have issued a mandatory evacuation order because of the "increased liklihood" of a magma / lava explosion.

Lori Hacking found?

Big news day apparently. Police just confirmed that they've found the remains of Lori Hacking in the SL County landfill. Guess that means the death sentence for old Mark then....


Mount St. Helens is going. A huge steam eruption just happened. It's got our attention - we're watching.....

Mount St Helens Advisory up to level 3

The USGS just increased the threat advisory from level 2 to 3 out of 4 for St Helens. The lava dome has moved nearly 7cm to the north since monday. Doesn't sound a lot but you try moving 10,000 tonnes of rock 7cm......

Vioxx cures.

The drug Vioxx has now been found to cure arthritis, permanently. Slight side affects include sudden desire to buy farms, kick buckets, shuffle off this mortal coil. Merck had a bad day - stocks plummetted 15% as they pulled Vioxx off the market. Still. Now they only have to worry about the 91 million prescriptions written for this bringer of death.

Mount St Helens rockin' and a rollin'

USGS closed Mount St Helens park last night and restricted all airspace access above 4800ft. She's gonna blow.... I wonder if we'll hear it from here. Hell - all our weather comes from the Cascades and we have beautiful sunsets already. Billions of tons of dust in the atmosphere will be "interesting".....

5.8 quake in California

Seems that a major geological event is going on. The earthquake swarms around Mount St Helens have increased, and this morning a 5.9 quake struck southern california.

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3

I've just spent some time fiddling with the just-released demo of RCT3 and it looks awesome. I was skeptical that they'd be able to take it and put it in a 3D world but the programmers seem to have done a pretty competent job. It looks like they've managed to retain all the stuff in the original games. The interface is a little clumsy but it's passable. Can't wait to see the full version.

Mt. St. Helens about to go again?

The USGS today issued a "Notice of Volcanic Unrest" about Mount St. Helens after three days of magnitude 2 earthquake swarms around the area. They've indicated a blast zone which could be affected by ejecta from the lava dome and surrounding crater wall if it goes off. Watch this space.