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How backwards is this?

In England you still need a TV licence if you want to own a TV and watch it (read - annual tax for owning a TV). That's bad enough but listening to Radio 1 on satellite this morning, there was an ad for students with laptops, basically saying that if you watch streaming video (YouTube, iPlayer, Hulu etc) using a laptop, even if you don't own a TV, you still need to pay for a TV licence. W. T. F? Good luck enforcing that.

Winter's here - well a taster at least :-)

Yesterday - 35°C. Today - 8°C and pissing it down with rain and snow, with 2ft of snow in the mountains. I bloody love Utah - it's brilliant.

A long weekend in Vegas

We got back today from a three day weekend in Vegas. We left early on friday morning and were at the Red Rock hotel by just gone 1pm. By 1:20pm we were in the pool and we stayed there until early evening. Saturday was the designated tourist day - visited both ends of the strip and got to see the Dolphin sanctuary at the Mirage for the first time, and the new CSI exhibit at the MGM Grand. We topped the day off with the Blue Man Group who were excellent as always. Their show has changed enough since we saw them last time that it didn't feel like the same old stuff. Sunday was spent entirely around the pool being waited on by unbelievably hot women whilst unbelievably hot male lifeguards strutted around. A little something for everybody then. We rented a large cabana-style bed and lounged around all day. Back to work for three days then it's the Autumn ride out to Torrey with the lads. Sweet.