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Last night, about 17:55, I was between games whilst playing Modern Warfare 2 when I started to sway gently back and forth on the sofa for about 5 seconds. I figured it wasn't me getting dizzy but before I could figure out what it was, it stopped. Fast forward to the news last night and we had a 4.9 earthquake - that's what I felt. Very weird. The ground is something you can generally count on to be pretty stable. To have it move and shake is very disconcerting. Suddenly that extra premium I'm paying for earthquake cover on my house insurance doesn't seem so much. No damage reported around the city - it was fairly mild, but it was the largest quake we've had here since 1992. I guess the Wasatch fault was letting off some steam.

Of colds and Tiguans

My sore throat from last week finally took my voice on saturday night and now can't decide if it's just a sore throat or a proper cold. Ho hum. Paula and I took a VW Tiguan for a test drive on Saturday. I spotted one on thursday whilst out and about and didn't even realise they sold them here in America. It's nice - very nice. Great ride, nice handling that belies how tall the car is, and the engine is great. I'm going to go down to the dealer tonight and see if we can come to some sort of deal on a price.