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1985... Life is special, love is fun, In the land of the rising sun. A magic fire will burn, A new desire, when the day is done. Listen to me baby, Your love is on the lam, You'll find love I'm so sure, (name of track) Name that track and artist(e)(s). Patrick? you still reading?

12980 - thank you and good night.

12,980 vertical feet today - the last day on my season pass. The skiing was incredible. I managed Summit four times today. I know I'm getting better because when I got down on to the lower slopes, I was having to navigate around the beginners - people who were skiing like I was 12 weeks ago. So how did I do for the whole season? 93,540 vertical feet. Holy shit. Everest is 29,028ft. I ski'd three Everest's this year. Not bad for a second season rookie. I'll be back.

Priming us for yet more shit at the airport.

The government scaremongers are just getting too predictable. Today we were primed for the stupid excuses and justifications that are about to be thrown at us to explain why we should all accept backscatter x-ray machines at airports. An Iraqi was stopped in LAX today with - wait for it - wires sticking out of his rectum. Fearing a terrorist plot, he was detained etc etc etc. It's such and incredibly amazing coincidence isn't it? Skyharbor introduce backscatter x-ray much to the chagrin of every single person ever to fly, and facing a lot of negative press and bad publicity, suddenly, and totally by coincidence, an Iraqi turr'rrst (terrorist? tourist? hard to tell when B*sh is mangling the language) is stopped in LAX in a scenario that, shock horror - backscatter x-ray would have prevented. The bullshit artists in the government need a lesson in creativity. They're not even trying any more. Even a five-year-old could see through this ruse. Story We're forced to

And Nintendo ruin another franchise.

SSX Blur! Wow! I'm a total SSX bigot - I love the games, even SSX On Tour with it's shite soundtrack. So I went looking to see what SSX Blur is all about. A new game in the franchise? A new sequel? Well - no. It's SSX3 but it's been nintendo-ised. It's only on the Wii - the worst console, and gone are the cool music, edgy characters and excellent graphics, and in comes the typical superhappysunshinecartoonfunfunkiddykiddymariopaint version. The characters are now all cartoons, the music has gone to hell in a handbasket (it sounds like a saturday morning kids cartoon) and the tracks are identical to those in SSX3 - ie. they're two generations old. I don't understand why Nintendo always do this. They take a great idea and turn it into something only suitable for 5-year-olds. I used to be a nintendo bigot too but they lost me on the gamecube. Best hardware with the worst possible selection of games. With the Wii, they can stick that stupid controller up their

Little things that piss me off.

People who leave shopping carts all over the parking lot. These people are too fucking lazy to walk 6 car lengths to put the cart back in the cart corral. Instead they prefer to leave them precariously perched in parking spaces, leaning against people's cars, ready to slide downhill at a moment's notice. It's people like this that are ever so gradually eating away at the quality of life. They're so inconsiderate, so self-centred, so egotistical that it's clearly below them to actually do anything decent any more. These are the people who don't hold doors open, the people who double-park in narrow entrances, the people who spit out of car windows on the motorway. These are the people who file class action suits so that they can get their $500 back from an insurance company, enticing more of their kind to participate so that everyone else's rates go up. But heck - what the fuck? They got their $500 so it's all cool with them. Screw everyone else. These ar


9645 vertical feet today. The skiing was amazing. The snow was so good it even made me look like a skiing God. I managed 1 run down sunshine bowl and I conquered Summit twice without falling. Much better than than a couple of weeks ago. The only thing that took a slight shine off it was that the first time I conquered summit, bloody Bros came on the mp3 player! When will I be famous my arse. Only 1 day left on my season pass now :(